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Fight #1: Utahsinoraptor vs Alloraptor

These raptors are almost the size of a medium allosaurus or any other medium Dinosaur and aren’t tiny at all. Let’s see who’s going to have a little dromeasaurid Soup, shall we?

Battle: The Utahsino was getting a drink when the alloraptor came in and tried to take over the area, The utahsino Roared back at it… They both jumped at the same time, the did a kind of high-five with their feet, causing them to fall in what used to be a calm pond. The alloraptor bites it’s enemies foot, Making them rage… The utahsino tried to stab the alloraptor’s head, but the bony osteodearms Blocked it, The neck of utahsino was free to take now… the alloraptor tries to grab its enemies neck when it gets clawed, Then the Utahsino goes for the under neck, then the top neck, then lets it’s enemy die hopelessly.

Winner: Utahsinoraptor

Note: This is not original, It is inspired by someone else’s posts. So check out their channel by searching up: “Dino battle” in this forum. I am a starter at making topics and I’m sorry if I terribly suck. The stats of the creatures aren’t what make them win, but the scientific Stuff does. enjoy!


oh man i thought when they did a high five they would become friends…

It’s not like a high five it’s because their feet bashed together When they jumped at each other.

Your one of the first people to comment on my posts ever, by the way.

I was joking haha great fight tho!