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Fight #2: Mortem Rex vs Lord Lythoranyx

The Mortem Rex and lord lythoranyx Are both powerful bosses, but what if we brought them in a fight? Let’s see who’s going to have a boss-flavored Pizza for dinner tonight, Shall we?

It was a dark night in the Jurassic ruins, And Mortem Rex was roaming there… Mortem Rex questioned The remains of three Raptor Fossils and all the chaos, But what gets him More confused is the Roars coming from the Mosasaurus Exhibit, So when Mortem Rex reached it, he saw that the roars came from Lord lythoranyx. lord lytho was roaring angrily At the body of the mosasaurus Because it couldn’t reach it. Mortem Rex came in and bit lord lytho’s tail, With the Dimetrodon Minions Biting at lord lytho’s feet, Lord lytho Iinstantly crushed The dimetrodons and but mortem’s Foot… Mortem grabbed him by the top of his neck and threw him into the visitor Center, Causing the beloved and famous visitor center to collapse… Mortem runs to lytho And bites his foot, And throws him to the Crown hotel… lytho Runs Back And Bites Mortem’s Tail, Throwing Him to the Mosausaurus Enclosure… Mortem gets back up and bites lytho in the underneck, Lytho kicks Mortem back, And attacks his back, Mortem wacks him with his tail, then, grabbed lord lytho by the neck, And threw him in the fallen Spinosaurus Fossil ribs, Which Pierced Lord lytho’s Neck… Mortem Rex Roared in victory, and walked to something… a nest…

Winner: Mortem Rex

Remember, This fight thing is inspired by someone on the forum named: @Dinosaur_King.

Enjoy! Do you have suggestions for next fight?


I love the idea that the almighty and powerful lord lythronax was roaring at the mosa, basically roaring at nothing but water, because it can’t reach it lol
Also, how bloody strong is mortem here??? it threw LL from the mosa tank to the visitor center and then to the triple crown hotel??? if mortem does this much damage I wonder what magnus and lux are like


Sometimes I get too creative and goresome with my fights.

What fight do you think I should do next?

Picture it as Earth Godzilla Biggest godzilla throwing around a puny Boss That isn’t even A remodel of the original Creature.