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Fight #3: Dilophoboa Vs Spinoconstrictor

This fight is made to honor A forum user on here.

The Spinoconstrictor Slithers through the water, Slithers to the sand, and slaughters a dodo, Satisfying it’s hungerBut it sees a bonus prize, A kleneken, A.k.a The death dodo… The death dodo is a creature that is willing to hunt it, but doesn’t always win, So the Spinoconstrictor Poses into its attack form, just as it’s about to snap at the kleneken, The dilophoboa comes in and Suffocates the kleneken… The Dilophoboa was willing to share, but the other snake doesn’t want to share at all… the Dilophoboa’s Snaps at Spinoconstrictor’s neck, but Spinoconstrictor Dodges… Dilophoboa Uses it’s spit, And temporarily blinds and causes The other snake To slowly lose its health… The Dilophoboa Hisses loudly, Leaving all the dinosaurs down in the canyon Terrified. Spinoconstrictor snaps at Dilophoboa blindly… Dilophoboa slithers down into the canyon… dragging Spinoconstrictor with it… Spinoconstrictor goes into the water to clean all that venom off, and goes back to Dilophoboa… Spinoconstrictor grabs Dilophoboa and Yeets it. Into the water… But Dilophoboa is now enraged… Dilophoboa Grabs Spinoconstrictor By the neck and Spinoconstrictor just easily gets out of Dilophoboa’s head, and tears Dilophoboa’s head off as well.
Winner: Spinoconstrictor
This was made to thank someone named @Snake_Dude! I hope you guys enjoyed! And thank you snake dude for all those good comments you have made! Do you guys disagree about who won? Any suggestions? Can you draw a scene with Dilophoboa And Spinoconstrictor Fighting?


I think @Snake_Dude would’ve like Spinocon winning


Oops! I meant to write Spinoconstrictor


Yup, I see the change now. But overall, I like ur creativity.

Thank you very much, This will really help me because i only started this forum channel thing a few days ago.

Another awesome fight, and very saddened I had to kill my parent, but I had to do it to survive.

And thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :relaxed:
and here’s a few scenes of the fight I drew


Looks very awesome!

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Wow your drawings are amazing. If I showed mine they would look like garbage

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I’m sure its not garbage, I am sure its great, and if you want to get better u just need practice, that’s what I did. My art is not as amazing as others, but I’m glad u all like it.
I honestly can’t think of another way to put this, but don’t insult yourself when comparing yourself to others, I am sure its great, no matter how much skill u have


Thanks dude I’ll try to get better. I mostly do online art and maybe when I’m done with something I post it.

Thanks again


This was my favorite part.

And thank you @Snake_Dude for illustrating it :laughing:


Thank you for reading this.

@Snake_Dude, I am thinking of a little collaboration. You can be an artist that draws My hybrid ideas and battle scenes, if you want.

Thank you for 28 Hearts! I’ve never got so much!

Note: if this took extra long, it’s because I didn’t know what to do because they are both snake’s and they can’t do many dinosaur-like Attacks, which I’m used to.