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Fight #4: Ceramagnus Vs Hadros Lux

3 Fights in one day!

This fight is a fight between gentle Giants… let’s see who’s the least gentle, shall we?

The Hadros Lux was grazing On the grass, while the ceramagnus was looking for a herd to lead… Shortly after, The hadros and the herd have reached the river… where ceramagnus is located.
The ceramagnus roars with power thinking that it can lead the herd, but Hadros lux ran in And moaned at Ceramagnus Telling him that HE is boss… But cera doesn’t back down, in fact cera charged at Hadros, but hadros dodged. Hadros roared And rammed into Cera… cera was shocked By that Thunder That Hadros sports. Cera Roared back and slashed Hadros’ Foot, leaving Hadros injured.
Cera was stunned, and Hadros was injured… what else can happen? Hadros lux uses its iguanadon-like sharp thumb to stab ceramag’s eyes… ceramag is now blinded… cera runs around blindly, Hoping to stab the Hadros… Soon, the Cera finally stabbed The hadros lux, slicing Its stomach open… Hadros’ finally Moves were stunning the cera, stabbing its neck and cutting it open. The cera flopped on the ground, And so did the hadros lux.

Hadros Lux wins by a few seconds only…
Meanwhile, An Oviraptor found a big nest, with eggs bigger than it… the eggs where strange, they where purple and faded into black… it had what looks like cracks that were glowing Neon pink… The oviraptor Heard a roar that sounds like T-Rex, But with a gurgle Sound… it was familiar, and the oviraptor run as fast as it could.

Thanks for reading this! Stay tuned for fight #5!


Nice story! And looks like next story will be interesting, between trex and oviraptor

The next fight will not be for T. rex against oviraptor but hey: It was a Mortem Rex nest

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Maybe spoil the part on who vs who, but sounds like a good fight.

I think The Death Rex will win

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What else do you think I should do for battle 5?

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I don’t know, I like ur creativity, so perhaps u come up with something.

Battle seems one-sided, so maybe ovi gains help or somthing?

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Yeah I might do ovi (with help) against t.rex

I finally finished battle #5