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Fight AI is annoying, please remove from this game!

Dear Ludia, please remove this FIGHT AI from this game, really annoying.
When you still need incubator, its fine…but when your incubator full and you still want to battle, but then you have so many fight AI when you push the BATTLE button, its really annoying. What I need is just win or loose, thats it.
By the way, I still in minor league, in Aviary, lvl 17.
You guys can agree or disagree, but no need to argue…peace :slightly_smiling_face:

May I know your trophies if you post comment in here…thanks

I wish I had the option to only fight ai. Then you wouldn’t have to wait on battles. You’d be faced against an equal opponent too.


So do I. The arena has become so toxic since boosts


Or you can just not click fight AI. But sure why not ruin it for everyone who just wants a quick battle or hates boosted nonsense.


AI is too easy. They need to remove it. You can still have the same amount of fun without it.

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I disagree. Fight ai is appropriate. Why you wanna get rid of it?


I actually enjoy AI more than the arena sometimes. Finally see some different dinos… Ludia actually did a great job programming their algorithm too. They’re way more competitive and fun than they used to be.

Anything to avoid pay-to-win players throwing away their savings just to win a match.


Since you put this subject out in forum, do expect people to agree or disagree. Yah. We are not arguing.

I am basically disagreeing with your premise. Cos I find it totally illogical. You can fight ai. You can win or lose to it. You win you get incubator. Just no trophy. So what exactly is your issue?


Once again no one is making you fight AI literally don’t click the button and you never have to fight one.


Dont click what button? The battle button?

The fight AI button. You physically need to click a button otherwise you wait in the queue for a player.


As others mentioned, Fight AI is optional, you don’t press that button.

Plus AI is very hard/smart now, sometimes better than actual players. I lost few times to AI already with my boosted dinos.

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Ohh seems like you are below Aviary? then I think there is no Fight AI button after waiting for 30 secs.

At higher arenas there is a Fight AI option after waiting for 30 secs and in Nebular shores its 120 secs. If you don’t press the button then you don’t fight AI and just wait for real player.


As others have said, you can just ignore the button and it’ll eventually match you to a player.

I’d actually like it if we could choose to fight an AI anytime. Many times I need to get 12 battles done but already have full incubators or I just want a quick battle. I don’t want to fight a real person and I don’t need to earn season trophies.


Thank you for explaining that to me, I had no idea what the other dude was talking about. I wish we had the no AI button though

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All arenas should have the AI button tbh. AI is more challenging than it used to be, before it was just swap in, swap out, swap in, swap out rubbish. Now sometimes I do actually lose to them. Nice to lose and not lose 40+ trophies when all I want is a damn incubator.


Disagree they have made them more competitive which is fun you actually have to work for the win, and it saves having to get a time out if there isn’t any real players to battle and you just want your incubator, and another thing it’s optional you have to physically click the AI button to play them so I don’t see the problem, just press cancel if it appears and press battle to try and search for real players again.


If you find it annoying, just cancel the battle and retry till you get an opponent. Removing ‘Fight AI’ completely is unfair to others who would like to battle for incubators and not lose trophies. Let’s allow Ludia to fix several other issues with their game that need a higher priority at this point.


the trophy

You know, you have the choice to NOT press the button.