Fight balancing is horrible

Dear all,

the actually fight blancing is absolut horrible, i dont understand so many things what Ludia do…

Thoradolosaurus (Tousend of players complain that he have to much dmg)
Trykosaurus (The same same like Thoradolosaurus)
Dracoceratops (Its a one shooter!!! Why this dinos have so much HP?)
Stigidarex (Not relevant in the actually meta! Why? Its a unique dino!!!)
Pterovexus (Not relevant in the actually meta! Same like Stigidarex)
Erlikospyx (Why do you make this dino weaker? Its has low HP and instead of a buff you reduce his Hp)
Utharinex (Why do you increase the HP of this Dino? This dino was OP and you will push it again)

Normally it makes sence to do new dinos better, because the most player have it on lvl 21-24 and the old ones weaker, the most have it on lvl 28-30). Dont know why you push always the same dinos and make them better (Thoradolosaurus, Trykosaurus, Utharinex and you absolutly favorite Dracoceratops)

Why do you create new dinos in the Game when they are not relevant like Erlikospyx?
Normally Erlikospyx is a ideal counter for Thoradolosaurus, but in the acutally meta the distraction dont interest Thoradolosaurus with his 2900 dmg…

Always the same dinos are played in the arena, maybe you should ask you why it is so…


Great post.

Everyone playes same 10 end-game dinos, this have been in the arena for months.

Instead of boosting and buff less played dinos, they just keep changing the 10 played dinos.

The variation is ZERO.

Players don’t invest in other dinos.

  1. Everyone prepare for THOR and DC.

Who playes a deck without distraction?

Who will use dinos without distraction?

Because THOR is overpowered, and the only dino to kill overpowered DC.

Nerf both of this dinos HARD and the game becomes more fun.


They’ve nerfed plenty of dinos HARD and complaints didn’t change, just the names in them. Thor will be much less effectual after this update as will DC opening the door to more creative rosters. I’m not sure why one would want a unique to go from boarderline to useless.

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Thor didn’t really get nerf, it still hits hard and gets more crits than anybody else. Creatures that are depending on crits got nerfed hard and are useless after this update, while thor is still in arena doing fine.

Thor got nerfed hard. That crit especially the chance of getting it against a freshly used DC is what made it as good or better than other chompers. With that gone it’s much less useful for its main use and much less effective in general. Tanks in general got a major buff through all of this.

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You are confusing spynonix with erlikospyx

sry correct i will change it

Thor didnt needs crit hits, a Thor with 2900 dmg makes 5800 dmg with the 2x attack if he isn’t distract. 5800 dmg is a lot you can kill the most dinos with this hit.

Thor is laughing about this crit nerf while every other dino is crying about it.

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Even with his old crit Thor was ranked 11th in simulated win %. There is no doubt this takes it down. I understand some folks have PTSD from facing Thor boosted or leveled far above their own teams but the take that’s Thor didn’t take a major hit just isn’t realistic. It’s average damage per use just went way down. That’s real. It was already marginal and it’s main use just became harder to justify, that’s also real. If he’s laughing he is the only thing less realistic than Ludia board posters.

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The only issue I have had with thor is the crit rate, it doesn’t need to be so high. Now instead of nerfing that or thor overall they nerfed everything for everybody and took dodge away. It’s now even harder to kill thor or anything else, because I’m doing less damage with crit depending creatures while thor is still destroying teams 3-0 with or without crits. Thor is still killing everything, it hits hard and gets more crits than anybody else.

Fight balance is bad for sure. Thor is still broke for sure. Peeps defending thor are dumb or are the ones using it too much and dont want to lose easy mode.

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boosts are the problem not the dinos themselves (besides the crits)

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Thing is when you have 5k hp, whether Thir crits you for 6k or 10k it’s still means you’re dead lol

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