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Fight Bug?

I had Dracoceratops vs. Smilonemys in a fight.
Used Minimal Speed Strike after receiving Precise Pounce.
I used Rampage afterwards (first, after speed increase) and expected full damage, because the previous turn expired.I dealt just half and lost my Dracoceratops.

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Smilonemys has 50% armor. That may seem like a lot, and don’t get me wrong nemys is pretty good, but with lots of chompers in the arena it’s decently easy to beat. DC just isn’t made to beat it

that is something I didn’t realize…

How your DC is faster than Nemys ? What is his speed stat ?

If Dracoceratops were to use minimal speedup strike on an unboosted Smilonemys, it’d at least have to have 117 speed, which is tier 4.
117 + 10% = 128.7, which is more than Smilonemys’ unboosted speed.

Ok thank you but I still have one question : Why boost DC on speed over on health ?

Maybe for situations like these, where a minimal speedup strike could outspeed speedsters like Smilonemys.

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Yeah but even it didn’t work lol