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Fight club renewal bug

Face issue in my fight club subscription. The charges were already imposed in google play store but my fight club status is gone. The chest that opened today lost the fight club benefit. Please help. Thanks

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Dealing with the exact same problem. I contacted ludia support a few days ago but unsurprisingly haven’t heard back from them yet.


Got the exact same problem…

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having an issue with your Fight Club subscription. Could you please check and see if you’re logged into the same store account which you have purchased the subscription?

If you’re still having issues, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key and a screenshot of your subscription receipt so our team can take a closer look. Thanks!

Ok, sent your side an email. Yes, my phone has 2 Gmail accounts and somehow when it charged, it was charging at the other Gmail account’s credit card. Anyway the payment has been made, please check and if this can’t be fix, please help to refund. Thank you.

Cancelling your sub (on google play) and resubbing again (from within the game) worked and solved the issue for me. I got the solution from support.

It applied the sub I had already bought and paid for - I did not pay twice by doing this.

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Thanks Zah. That is working! You are faster than the support!

NED, I hoped we will be compensated with the chest we opened yesterday (2 for me). Thank you

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No problem! Though I only knew of this solution because support got back to me, so they should get some credit for that. I got a fair compensation for the rewards I had been missing out on, so I’m confident they’ll do the same for you.

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Today fight club I’ve renewed my subscription I paid the money, but my daily reward and subscription is not renewed and seems to be canceled I’m sending the bill please correct and upload my daily prize chest chest to make up for the missing prize buyer @Marcus @ned

I had this problem last month, and it caused my flight club reset to level 1, it took 4 days for them to tell me that i am supposed to reinstall the whole app. So i did that and it came back (at level 1).
I have sent another email asking them at least to turn my flight club back to level 10 (which is the whole point of a resubscription)… and they only gave me a “compensation” of 300 runes (looks like they cannot even do math apparently). So because of a problem that it was not my fault, and apparently i was not the only one with it, i lost a considerable ammount of runes and flight club chests for 4 days, and spent the remaining 26 days leveling up FC again and getting lesser runes.
As a result i will not subscribe to this ever again.


Yes, I got terror mail sent to me, compensated my loss. But when I opened it, it say error in claiming :disappointed:. Please help to check here Ned. Thanks.

I could be wrong but I don’t know if any of the support team here on the forums is going to be able to do anything besides point you towards contacting support…again?

If you came back here because your last ticket was closed out, you might be better off just making another ticket and explaining what happened in it.

That’s just my two cents though :thinking: Hope it works out for you!

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Yes, good point. I wrote to support an email as well. Just want to share across here and update the issue. :blush:

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I’m sorry to hear that happened when you opened your mail, Evo. As Mysterious had suggested, our support team would be more than happy to assist you again if you reach out to them. :smiley:

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Already received my claim. Thanks Ned!

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I’m happy to hear that! :smile:

Please can you guys tell me what they gave you back for it? did your Flight club level reset to 1 as well? I had this problem on the 2nd month and they gave me 300 runes for my “troubles”.

Same here. I had this happen twice and only got 250 runes.