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In an effort to organize the remaining active player base and improve PvP for us all, we’ve opened a new Discord. Open to all players/Guilds.
Some have noticed that it’s possible for players synchronize queueing for Battles and have been able to match up with each other. If we can get enough players to come together in leagues and agree to times for PvP’ing we can create our own fun and possibly avoid some of the mismatched battles and bots we’re fighting now.

If your interested come check it out.


Great idea

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Still gathering a player base but it’s starting to look good :+1:

Yea heck of an idea if they cant iron out the issues with matches that are not even remotely close to being winnable this might help

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That’s what we’re working on. If enough live players are queuing up at once the wait times and bots should diminish. If we organize it to a degree it should work out.

Its an absolute disgrace that this is what players have to resort to

I find it curious that you describe PvP as fun. I still don’t enjoy it, but it less I enjoyable now that it is bots a lot of the time.