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Fight for Funds - 9/4

Anyone done anything with the Fight for Funds today? I’m confident I can brute force the fight, especially once Spinoraptor and Metrialong cool down, but what comes next? We really need amphibian super-rare and common hybrids.



I am not confident that I can brute force it, I am going to give it one attempt but I am going to complete the other events first. Yes there needs to be an amphibian super rare hybrid as there is a massive hole in the line up with out one:
Round one:

Went perfectly which it had to.

Round two:

Also went perfectly which it really had to.

Round three:

Will have to wait on cool downs and will attempt tonight.


So we’re all drawing the same matchup. For a mere 120 bucks, OK, plus some SDNA and another notch toward unlocking CoT, and some LPs. Not even gonna bother with this one.

All three rounds are basically the same. Well, phooey. We’ll see what happens. Thanks, @Sionsith

Probably want do this event not worth spending the Dino bucks to only win 120 Dino bucks back but good luck to everyone else who wants to try


This was my first round. Won using Mono and Spinota. Seems different from everybody else

My opponents were completely different from these. It’s weird that so many people are drawing full Spinotasuchus opponent lineups.

My rounds 2 and 3 actually are progressively easier

Round 2

Round 3

Because I bungled round one, I have to wait for cooldown to do round 3

Same situation for me as for many others. I now have to wait for cooldowns and must hope that round three is as predictable as the first two.


It seems to be all the more experienced players getting the 3 spino lineups so probably based on your top dinos AFS.


I completed it today.

I agree with you @Andy_wan_kenobi- definitely need more Super Rare amphibians hybrids to balance things out.


I tried it once and lost. Costs more than the 120 bucks to try again. Forget it.

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I got this one done fine…it’s the herbivore over bird one I’ve got no game play for this time…

Managed the third round after two cool downs completed, this is how I felt winning that 120 DB…


I’m still waiting for mine to cooldown and I’m more worried about my Cenezoics.
It was a very tough event yesterday for me, everything is in cooldown now, and today there are two more Cenezoic events on the way. I’m afraid that I could not complete both of them.
I really thought my Cenezoics were good, but Ludia keeps telling me that I need a lot more.



I know my cenos are behind everything else…other than the Thylas (one of my favorite creatures in the game which I have gotten 6 of so far) I have not gotten many of the VIPs and missed out on unlocking the Mammoth and Titanoboa, even though I have acquired a couple of both since, but as a result I haven’t leveled them up much and still get stuck with the Advanced prize wheel for my daily mission. Also have yet to make any of the hybrids.