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Fight for Funds became impossible!

After the update the ferocity of my opponents became twisted… the pattern of moves changed as well - block of 3 instead of 2, and sometimes 5…


Also, where are all coins to food trades?? I haven’t seen one in a month…


It is still possible to win just have to create new strategies


How to win
Carnivore with 1091+ health


My suggestion… Use Dimetrocarnus (or a carnivore that can withstand one hit from the Kentrosaurus) in first spot, Diplosuchuses up second and third.

  • Block first turn. Opponent Kentrosaurus can defeat your Carnivore in two hits. Block, and pray it switches. Should it go for both unknown moves, don’t take the risk and reserve. This is unlikely scenario but just in case.

  • If it switches, it will pick Glythronax since it has a higher ferocity (13,152) than Metrialong (13,072.4). From here on, keep reserving and let your first Diplosuchus take out the Glythronax.

  • Opponent would switch to Kentrosaurus eventually. From here on, play around with reserves, and both your Diplosuchuses should do the work.

Do let me know if it worked… I know it’s a little shakey explanation since I am not good at explaining battles haha, but hope you got the idea…

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Pretty sure it takes 3 for a dime to be killed by kentro

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2,180/2 = 1,090
1,090*2.4 = 2,616

Dimetrocarnus health = 2,549


Since dime dies in 2 anyway, why not diplo, dime, diplo?

To prevent switch and build 3 reserves with 1st diplo, and the last diplo can take out both carnis with leftover reserves from dime.
Does dime, diplo, diplo give more room for error?

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Also good idea! That was just me suggesting what I normally do, this is also viable…

However, if you reserve first turn then there is a chance Kentrosaurus would go for two attacks and take out the Diplosuchus.

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me too, my best dino being a level 10 indominus rex and I got max vip and level 30 tournament hybrid and even max indominus rex!!!

Ik, but as you said dime also dies in 2, so will have to block 1st turn whether dime or diplo.

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this is mine could people help me???

Ptero with 619+ health

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so just reserve with ptero and killed elombia with acro and then ptera to end it, but the ai, attacks even though he doesnt know what I have

Block with ptero

They still exist.

Got one trade a few days ago. 55mil coins to 23mil food.

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Yes they are still around, but so random. @RoEsmi

But I agree with what you are saying, not only these type of events got nerfed but the overall ability of us to build up resource has been nerfed so bad, at least I sense it to be happened this way.

Their profits are lower than they expected I think. :man_singer:t2: