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Fight For Funds Difficulty

Anyone else getting frustrated with this event? Seems like they keep making it harder, with almost nothing but carnivores, and always now Super Rares which have no amphibians. I routinely am getting a hugely powerful carnivore in the leadoff spot that nothing I have can work as a suitable meat shield against. And if I have even one loss (as I did today when the AI kept saving points on each turn instead of full-on attacks) there’s no way to complete the event without using CDs, and seems silly to spend DBs to win DBs. When just about the only way to get through this event is with LOTS of Spinotosuchus, which are nearly impossible to make right now, it’s frustrating that one of the few events worth doing is being configured in a way to make it so frustratingly difficult to do at ALL.


Ever since this event has switched to be Super Rare only I have been working on building my Super Rare bench. Since doing so I have been able to complete the event on the first shot with one spare team Incase things go off the rails during a match. It is hard but not impossible. The introduction of a Super Rare hybrid amphibian would be very welcomed.

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Agreed with @Sionsith,

No super rare amphibian and two fairly power super rare superhybrids make this one easy to throw off. I had to get some hybrids up to make this one easily playable.

Well yeah obviously a player can put more of their resources specifically towards creating a wide bench of the SR hybrids… but at what expense to rest of the game (if you are still a player that needs to work on ALL areas of the game, and not an end game player that can more easily focus solely on one thing for an extended amount of time.) I’m not yet willing to put so much emphasis on it, particularly when Ludia could at any time change the requirements for that event.

I rarely bother with most Jurassic PvE events, including this one.

I played seven PvP events today and kept track of my winnings. Admittedly, I had a few lucky spins, but I finished overall a little over 700 dinobucks in the positive. Beats the tar out of the Fight for Funds event. I would have had, what, maximum 130 or so dinobucks from there? Sure, I don’t get the super-DNA, but I’ve got plenty for my hatchery to do, and am not worried about it.


Here’s my strategy

  1. If the AI leadoff is a carnivore, I been using a lesser carnivore or a Kaprosuchus as my leadoff, so long as they can withstand a hit. If the AI leads with a herbivore, which it did today, I feel more comfortable leading off with a herbivore.

  2. I’ve been placing my three best super-rare carnivores in the number two slot.

  3. The third slot really doesn’t matter, although I use my next highest attack creatures just in case something goes wrong.

Creature 1 is the meat shield to build up reserve, of course. The difference between this and my normal strategy is that I make sure #2 stays alive. I swap to #3 and reserve.

This method has been working for me since they swapped to the new format, but it doesn’t leave room for error, at the moment. I also use it when we have a super-rare rarity rumble

I’ve been trying to build up my super-rare carnivore hybrid line, but have gotten distracted with the new Tapejalocephalus.:roll_eyes:

Sounds like you aren’t getting as bad lineups as I’m tending to get. All carnivores in my first battle, with a particularly nasty one right up front that didn’t let me get more than the minimal 2 points of reserve. That simply wasn’t enough to get through even with some of my best in the spots 2 and 3. I gave up on doing it this week at that point. I usually have been able to complete it, but only if I play first thing in the morning so I have time for CDs. But now that I am back working full-time, I just don’t always have time in the morning, and the shortened time frames on all these PvEs these days then becomes an issue.

I have been more often taking @HanSoloWannaBe’s approach and doing more PvP’s instead, the aquatic ones in particular seem to give good prizes. I’d be even more inclined to do so if the speed of them hadn’t been so slowed down with the release of mods, but they kind of drive me crazy the constant pauses waiting on the AI to go. Yesterday got 300 DB from the one that I did. But it does suck too to miss out on the sDNA rewards… and LPs as well for the few that actually give you packs.

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I think last week was all carnivores and this week had at least one herbivore each round, so it varies.

I haven’t encountered tough lineups on this one either, but I have struggled a bit on the white out event. Fortunately, I’m still pretty evenly strength in my super rares.

I’ve skipped this event since it became SR-only. Guessing you get something like mine. Without SR amphib hybrid and no way (except paying) to get more spinotasuchuses, I decided to skip.

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Yikes! No, mine isn’t nearly that bad, since I’ve not been playing nearly as long as you, but I do only have two Spinotasuchus right now that I have only taken up to level 6, and those are my highest SRs right now. I’ve only acquired two Monostegos so far which are right next to those. But I’m getting much higher Spinos in the leadoff spot (currently a lvl 17) and rarely getting battles that aren’t all carnivores, so anything less than a lvl 40 SR isn’t getting the job done.

That is similar to what I get, I put a level 20 monostegotop in first, lvl 40 Supraninotitan, then a lvl 40 Sr hybrid bird. Was able to clear it no problems.

Tried your suggestion and actually won. :dizzy_face:
All 3 rounds were 3x spinotasuchuses for me.
Final round I took a pic.
Had to pay to level my spinoraptor up to 40 to compete, but that’s a one-time thing.

In no way have I played the modded PvP religiously, but I did accumulate lots of monosopholus SDNA and spinoraptor cards along the way. (Also some rajastegas and, of course, velociraptor SDNA, so my new worry is how to level up my 12 indoraptors without messing up competitiveness, hopefully.) Grinding some in the modded battles probably would spruce up your team substantially. And I limit myself to common and rare MODs, saving the SR and legendary for mid-week events and whenever they run a modded tourney again.

If you level your spinosuchus to lvl 20 it would also help, it won’t change your matchups either.

Here are the creatures I use:

And then these guys when the lead off carnivore has attack of less than 2490

I totally forgot about my one 40 kaprosuchus.
Leaving my spinotasuchus at 10 allows me to have 2x big hitters to cover two rounds instead of one.
When the fights are this tight and this close, what may seem like minor differences in number do count.
Like I was almost tempted to use my 30 spinoraptor instead of the hybrid ptero tropo, but glad I didn’t, coz I needed the extra hit (805 in stead of 733) to defeat AI’s third and final dino.
But I think I’ll level up another spinoraptor to 40 for backup.
Modded prize wheels yield several SR prizes, including hybrids.

Mine looks the same as yours, I had problems in the last weeks when I could not use my lvl 40 Kaprosuchus as meat shield in the first spot. My line up of super rare carnivores was too weak for three fights of that kind.
So I concentrated my work on getting a 2nd lvl 40 Spinoraptor, Metrialong and Spinoraptor.
Yesterday I had my first challenge with this new lineup and it worked. It’s still tight, in the last fight he must attack me with all that he has, otherwise I most probably lose in the end.

This is what I faced.

As it was clear I would struggle to get through the first round there was no point at all in attempting the event as it would cost me far more in spending bucks on cool downs than the actual reward.

It is like this every time for me. Yes I could try to get more in my line up but I am collecting dna to try to sort out other teams which are constantly outclassed such as Cenozoic and Aquatic.

I don’t even do it it’s a waste of bux to speed up creatures and after spending about 500 bux I only get 30 bux and it’s a waste of time

This event only makes sense if you have enough dinos to finish all fights without the need to use additional speed ups.