Fight for funds (Ferocity too high compared to my dinos)

Based on the formula for ferocity, i’m encountering something much stronger than my team.
For example, I have the highest ferocity of Indo Rex 2 at Level 11, and it’s ferocity is around 4587.4

Now for the event of Fight for Funds, my first match up is Pachygalosaurus on level 10, which sits at ferocity of 6723.6

The difference of the ferocity is almost 40-50% more , and it is too hard to fight no matter how I strategized my dino.

All in all, is it possible it is affected by my level ?
Currently sitting at Level 91.


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I think what’s really killing your lineup is the Indom Gen 2.

I also have a similar problem. It has made daily events impossible until I build up my other dinosaurs. I wish it was decided by an average of the top 10 or 20. My daily events are locked out for at least another 3 months.

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t have to increase the ferocity of creatures … Sometimes I have the same problem, sometimes I will be able to end the event but other times I give up because I am forced to increase the recoveries of the creatures and for only 200DD it’s not really worth it … Ludia should increase the reward with a lot more DD

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I would say that I feel Fight for funds is also special in the way that the opponent uses more unpredictable attack - block - reserve patterns than most other events, making less room for errors. I feel that that is even a bigger problem than the ferocity


Well, your ferocity drops from 4600 to 4015 (your Ostapo) so that in of itself is a contributing factor.

F4F is suppose to be the hardest PvE event, so it’s pretty crucial that your lineup is well balanced for it. For a measly few-hundred DB and SDNA, if it’s too hard to complete just skip it. I don’t really think the event needs to be changed.


@OstaposaurusBae both of you pointed out my weakness, thank you!

I agreed Indo Rex at lvl 11 tips the balance scale on the ferocity, i’m still midst of building the line up, but Fight for Funds is just too crazy to fight for now.

Previously it was good, until recently the ferocity just too much to handle :sob:

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You should expect F4F to range has high as 80-100% stronger than your lineup. Typically it will stay around the 50% range but I have seen this range on a regular basis.


80-100% stronger…
no wonder it’s so tough to beat them, and they have irregular save, block, attack patterns as well…
how did you manage to beat them though?

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I sometimes find I need to refight each match several times learning about what the opponents are likely to do and adjusting my strategy each time. This week it took me 8 matches to win the 3 fights. In the end in at least one fight I won with a weaker team but more information on my opponents likely strategy.

Of course that means needing a line-up with lots of dinos at or around your top ferocity, rather than increasing the ferocity of a few which just makes it harder. It is the opposite of the obvious response and if it hadn’t been for all the advice on the forum it would probably not have occurred to me.

I have to add, in some weeks I get luckier and my preferred strategy - block with the first dino and then sacrifice to get to 8 attack points, swift kill with the 2nd, kill and defend with the third to take out the last 2 in the AI team - works first time on all 3 battles.

One thing I do is identify which is the most difficult of the 3 opponents to beat and shape my strategy around that. Very heavily defended dinos can be harder than ones with high attack, for example.


thanks for sharing @Icthyornis

I was following that same exact pattern in previous weeks and still manage to beat them. However this week has caught me off guard as it was higher than I expected. Guess that i’ll have to build more dinos that doesn’t surpass my indo rex lvl 11, but man, those hatching times are way too long, and as non-vip players DB definitely is as scarce as it can be.

Btw, anyone has any idea on bench mark against level? i.e. Park level 91 should get me at least ferocity 5k or 6k ?
I feel like my ferocity is under level compared to others.


There is some evidence that the game might have a minimum ferocity based on level for this event but it’s anecdotal. I think @Bandeezee had some of the worst matchups I had seen while keeping there lineup ferocity very low (VIP creatures in the low teens lvl type low if my memory serves me). Once they raised their teams ferocity I believe they felt some relief. But they had extreme depth on their lineup like same ferocity or very close in their top 30-40 creatures.


For me recently it’s been notably easier thannormal

Now my Level 11 Indo Rex has around 4.5k of ferocity and personally i think it’s under level compared to Level 91 park.

My thought for my next steps are:

  1. Build up all my other dinos ferocity closer to 4.5k and grow more of it (maybe like at least 3-4 same level 11 I-Rex for example
  2. Build up my ferocity to the minimum park required ferocity.

One thing I learned is I need to be very patient in growing the team, especially when we have VIP dinos, Hybrids, and Tourneys. IMHO, Hybrids and VIPs are still fine, the tourneys are the one required at least 1 week just to hatch 1 of them. Imagine you need to get ceratosaurus to Level 40 and to get Cerazinosaurus…