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Fight For Funds... Hard?

So everyone basically agrees that Fight For Funds is the hardest event and usually forces you to use your strongest dinos. And then there’s me. I recorded my Fight For Funds from 2/9, 2/23, 3/2, and 3/9. Have a look.

So yeah. I don’t know if it’s because my lineup is very OP compared to my park level, or because I have a very balanced lineup, but I rarely have to use more than 1 main dino, and nothing above Dimetrocarnus 2 ever gets used.

(Also if you’re new to the game, you can probably take some notes for battle strategy :slight_smile: )

There is a possibility that your opponent has caps that coincide with your level along with the ferocity of your team. I am also wondering if there is something going on with Super hybrids in terms of them with not counting in calculations or some sort of reduced calculation.

And yes it is typically the hardest standard event, outside of the infinity battles which are not available to you since you have basically frozen your level. Which by the way excellent job at keeping it so low.


Yeah I’ve basically been copying you :slight_smile: . Just pick a single dino for each class and spam a bunch of them to fill up the top of my lineup, keeping the ferocity basically completely even. Events are super easy this way. I remember one of those weeks, Stakeholder’s Visit was considerably harder than Fight For Funds.

It’s not that hard to level freeze when you don’t play XD. College happened. I’m skipping most events and only doing tourney runs until school ends.

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Just buying and trading decorations everyday is enough to keep your park leveling up at a fairly steady pace

Look at the stats on these fight for funds!

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Well, you are not very bad mate

Mine is wayyyy harder mate. For @Sionsith to make some calculations

Eh, I don’t really think that’s that much harder. In fact, I think we’re about the same. Which is still very stupid considering your strongest dino is weaker than my 15th strongest dino lol.

(My 15th strongest dino is Pteradactylus 15)

On D2’s account her fight for funds is pretty tough but I’m not surprised with how I manage her game currently. I haven’t really made any ferocity advancements on her account for quite some time. It hasn’t been an issue because I don’t do a lot of events on her game and I have been able to squeak out some wins for her battle stages but they are getting pretty hard.

Her account is lvl 76
Her best couple dino’s are
lvl 10 I rex
lvl 20 Ankylococus
lvl 10 Ostaposaurus
2 lvl 10 Rajastega’s
Then you are at a few lvl 10 VIPs

Her 1st battle for fight for funds is this

Lvl 93 Unaysaurus 3391/867
lvl 19 I rex 2449/936
lvl 276 Nundasuchus 3249/831

I could probably win but I’d have to use dbs for cool downs or start 1st thing in the morning and wait for things to come off cool downs throughout the day

Starting to think Fight For Funds scales more with park level than with lineup then. Look at my lineup compared to that, and then look at the fact that I’m level 65.

mine is in agreement with my most ferocious dino pachygalosaurus

I think on some of the events there are multiple thresholds…

For instance the game might have an algorithm where it looks at level first and asks itself are you XX level, this sets a certain difficulty floor based on the result. Then it might look at your lineup and again ask itself is your lineup at a level that is above this floor, if so it increases the floor of difficulty of the event up to a higher level, if not then it keeps it at the level provided floor.

This is speculation but in my head it makes sense that from a base level the game is looking to keep players progressing their lineup at certain levels or that you should at least be able to handle certain battles at different level markers. If your team has surpassed those markers some times the events get harder (F4F) and some times they stay at just the level marker (battle for survival or the Monday Earth Shattering).