Fight for funds its worth?

3 rounds worth 120 bucks?


Man why is yours so hard?
Mines been easy

Yours is worth it though if you’ve got indos and metri it’s pretty easy

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Ahh makes sense

actually it was really easy :rofl::v:
I just think that the prize has to be bigger …

Yes, if your lineup is deep enough to not need to speed up any creatures to complete any of the other events for the week after doing this event. If you will need to speed something up then no it’s not worth it.


but in general, do you like the prize? i think it should be double or triple the money…

Mine was really hard today for some reason. Got er done though… I just had to mute my meeting to focus. :wink:
Worth it though. S-DNA and progress towards Clash of Titans.


It’s almost never worth it at higher game play levels. The same dinos could be used in pvp and the prizes there are better. The only reason to play is if you need a pack for daily missions or if you need a piece for clash of Titans tourney

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Agreed… a strong line up required for 120 bucks and 130 LPs - not exactly enticing!

I do it for the S-DNA and contribution towards Clash Of Titans but I could easily leave it be.

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I think it pretty easy because I can predict opponent movement. I do not use 4000 ++ ferocity dinosaur



I agree the bucks should be higher, could have a spin wheel like on test your strength ranging from 50db to 500db and then a buck pack that has 4 250db cards in it


i would took off this 50 from the spin to not happen like it always happens in the test your strength XD

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Yes but if we dont suggest a low amount theyl never consider changing it :joy:

I opened up two VIP mystery packs… had 120 DB in them between the two. So yeah picking up 120 DB is easy in other places of the game.

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Precisely because it gives a challenge, that’s why I enjoy it! Otherwise, most of my top dinosaurs are idle, with some which haven’t been used in over a month.


I hardly use tanycolagreus for anything lol

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yeah, your missing on a little sdna (especially to hatch the new dino), but if you pvp mod it, you will probably get more sdna out of it.

its easy for you in that your early in the game. when you get deeper in to it, your opponents are 10-12k hp and 3-4k attack, its a bit harder. Its pretty easy to predict the attacks. Thats not the question. The nothing prize you get vs what you could get doing pvp is. Early in the game it does not take big dinos. Later in the game, you need dinos that take more than 1 day cool down.

there are dinos that I only use on Wednesday and Friday because of the cooldown… those of 1 day or less are my favorites :smirk: