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Fight for Funds Tournament


Hi. I only have a few dinosaurs strong enough to compete and they have long cool downs. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. You can pay dino bucks to speed up the cool down but that makes fighting for them pointless as you use more than what you would win. If you wait out the cool down there isn’t time enough to fight another time and go through cool down again to have enough time to finish the third round. The amount offered is really very small. If you max out and get 30 on each (which you wont), that’s 120 bucks. That’s nothing when a cool down on a single dino can well be 150+. The amount should be larger as we are using larger dinos to compete. Cool downs are just say to long to make fighting one tournament even feasible let alone several. To me, lower cool downs means I play more and can maybe complete or enter other tournaments. Just seems to me as if limits on dino bucks, long limits on cool down and hatching are suffocating the game. I mean who wants to wait 16 hours on a dino, or pay nearly 200 bucks for cool down for a 22 hour tournament for three rounds for three dinos? Come on guys, do the math. Less play is less cash for you.


Are you talking about the same game? There isn’t such thing as a “cool down” for Dinosaurs…


I have no idea what this means.


? I don’t understand. Do you mean the cool down before you can use a certain move in battle? As far as I know, you can’t pay to bypass that wait…


When you use a dinosaur in battle you have to wait so many hours before you can use it again or pay dino bucks to use sooner. That’s what I mean by cool down. Not just a certain move but let battle. I’d like to know what version you are playing if you don’t have to wait in between battles.


you talking about jurassic world the game i believe
so wrong forum


That’s not Jurassic World Alive then.


Oh sorry. Thought I had right one. Yes, the world game is one I meant. So sorry.


Moved to the appropriate forum section.


@Chris1 you are correct, when they nerfed the fight for funds reward it made it almost not worth doing, only the SDNA is what I am after on it. I can chose elite “PVP” match ups and have the chance to get up to 500 bucks or if I am lucky enough a pack, got a Cenozoic pack last night and got ~1,300 Dino bucks in it. The reward is not worth the Dino’s needed to complete.


Agreed. Winning PvP battles is the surest way to build up resources and Dino quality. Or you can dump a pile of real money to buy them, but I doubt most of us burn money that way!


Truth to @Chris1, @Sionsith, and @DinoStan. The only reason I do PvE any more is for fun and to unlock Clash of the Titans (and, I reckon, to build up super-DNA for when I am ready to make a super-hybrid). The prizes are nice, hear me right, but not enough to incentivize doing the PvE in themselves.


So it’s all tied together. I wanna get to clash of the titans coz opening that pack brings a sizable stash of VIP pts, which brings me closer to another VIP Dino. The more VIP dinos I have, the more battles I win more easily, bringing more resources, and on it goes. In fact, I don’t even fight as much PvP any more, coz I don’t have to. Now sitting on half a million DNA and almost 50k bucks, with food and coins close to max. Also, the trade harbor is kinda like the stock market, while the DNA and food factories are like banks paying you trifle interest for your deposits. To build resource wealth, one has to learn to trade. I sure didn’t steal the DNAs or bucks from anyone, nor did I pump in a ton of real money.