Fight or flee!


This thread is only for those who are barely able to hang in Ruins (arena 8)!

Ok anyone! :wink::sunglasses:!

I made the decision to stop fighting and hang on at 4021! Basically I have my incubator slots full with a 24 hours 2 8 hours and a 3 hours!

Initially I planned to have the 24 and 3 8 and stop the last 48 hours!

I was holding my own in ruins 4000-4100 with win some loose some! I got my 24 2 days ago and was thrilled now I needed my 3 8 hours! I had 1 and was working on my next and bam

I lost 10 in a row yesterday! Thank goodness I was in my car and far away from other people cause the expletives were flying and my steering wheel barely survived the pounding!

All day yesterday and this morning I was fighting like crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: all I need is 5 wins all I need is 3 wins ect!

Back and forth back and forth climbing to 3900- 3970!

It was like riding on a broken elevator that never stopped!

The straw that broke the camels back was an hour ago!

I had some luck and was counting down 3,2,1 needed and I got to 3970 and thought ok 1 to go! The damm thing gave me 3999! I couldn’t believe it gave me 29 freekin trophies! I nearly jumped off my balcony!

I went for it :wink::wink::wink:!

We were 2 to 2 we were both down to our last dinosaurs

Tragodistist vs Indominus! Indo had 1000 aprox! I had the same he cloaked! I used rampage and the RNG failed on him and Kaboom bam I was 4021!

I was done because yesterday when I got slammed to 3750 I swore if I got back to Ruins I am done!


I can’t be the only one who decided to stop fighting until the tournament ends! :wink:


So you’re not gonna battle until Monday for an epic incubator? You’re crazy. If it gets to Sunday and I’m close I’ll stop currently at 4151 :woman_shrugging:t2: If it’s meant to be it will be.


I have 4085 trophies. So I can lose 2 more games.

I’ll be sitting next to you in the dugout soon enough.


You have a decent buffer there! You could afford to lose a few and win one here and there but I am barely hanging on in ruins and I keep running into loss marathons than lose and win and it takes 24-48 hours to get back!

It is not the prize that I am holding out for!

I am sick of battling in the tournament and need a break from the game before my phone goes over the balcony!


The best time for battles for me is first thing in the morning when all you Americans are in bed :joy:


Unless we stay up all night fighting cause we can’t sleep :sleeping::joy:


I’m so just chilling ludia hooked us up with constant strike events so we can make progress without arena FTW! 4001 trophies like a lazy boss lol


Not much a buffer. I was at 4250 and lost 10 games in a row yesterday. Down to 3970s before finally climbing back up to 4120.


That’s almost funny. I was bouncing from 4170 down to 4030ish and back, and yesterday I lost 10 in a row also. From that point after I could see straight again I ended all the way down to 3870 area. I’ve dreadfully fought my way back to just over 4000 and I’m done for awhile.


Winning slightly more than I lose.

I’ll need to take a break sometime from battles. Love has turned to hate.


I would like to stop too but I do want incubators . . . … .