Fight PvP against someone of a higher arena


hi everyone! Am nick and I’m so sorry if my problem is not understand much, am from Argentina!
my problem is sometimes when I fight PvP in Lock Down (I have 2500-2999 trophies am steel not reach Sorna Mashes) I do against legendary dinos lvl 18 or 19 and just for curiosity I look the rival’s dinos and I see what he/her have +3000 or +3100 trophies, so he/she should be fighting in Sorna Marshes, it’s not the first time it’s happened, I sometimes win against that rivals but am not fighting against rivals of Lock down and it’s so difficult for me cause I never can reach Sorna Mashes for that error/bug :cry:,
Area is was found in:
Lock Down
How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- recently I fight against a Pyrritator lvl 17, Indominus lvl 17 and Tragodistis
Step 2 - ovbiusly I lose, I hadn’t chance against that beasts
Step 3 - I went to see the user against I lose and he should be in Sorna Marshes

How often does it happen: in 10 fights, 4 times aprox, I repeat, this is not the first time what it happen

What type of device: IOS (iPhone 7) but to my brother with Android (J7) have the same problem

This happens a days ago and I leave of play for that, today I return but it steel be the same

I hope you understand my English, sorry for the orthography mistakes :sweat_smile:



Many players have had this problem, but it’s not a bug. Because you’re generally playing against other real players, there’s always a chance that you will battle against a player with 100 to 500 more (or less) trophies than you. Sometimes you battle a player with fewer trophies than you; sometimes you battle with someone who has more trophies. It’s just how the battle system works right now…and yes, it’s quite tough, at times.

One recommendation: your team has a lot of raptors: 4 of them, if you count Tanycolagreus. I recommend swapping Pyroraptor for Stegoceratops (or a similar tank) to better assist your team in the arena.

Best of luck!


I’ve been having an issue where I’m 3800 trophies and have been getting people who are over 4000 trophies by more than a single win and should be in the next arena


I think the general consensus is that you’re matched up with anyone +/- 400 trophies.