Fight Yourself Strike Tower

Make a strike tower where you fight a random selection of creatures off your own team, boosts and all. There won’t be a display showing you which of your own creatures your going to fight but you can pick the ones you want to use like regular strike towers.




I like this idea. But… how will I ever finish a battle if it’s my RNG vs. my RNG? Evasive fails-crit fails-stun fails-5%er crits four in a row… creating a recursive loop and crashing my app. And, I know it’s a strike tower, but does this mean that I lose 50 points against myself? But my winning team only gets 10?

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Just don’t use evasive then hehe!

Also I wouldn’t mind a way to fight myself…but with my luck we would BOTH lose LOL

This is a fun idea mirror battles!

I’d change my team before hand. Have four unique dinos and my lowest 4 dinos on my team. It would be very unlikely the ai would get all 4 of the good ones.