Fighter Builds

Observation: The majority of higher ranked players use epic sword
Question: do people think that it’s possible to have a really good build without it? Or is he just too squishy without that ac?
He is pretty susceptible to ranger/rogue/wizard quick kills.
Is it best to build a party without him?
I’m not asking for facts - just opinions :slight_smile:

I assume you’re talking PvP?

I see a lot more people using his Legendary sword and shield over the epic. And I can’t understand how anyone hasn’t been punished enough to not use Restore trinket over Counter attack or When hit gain AC trinket.
With the weapon it probably just comes down to how fully upgraded your options are. If your epic is maxed out ability and your Legendary or silver hand aren’t very upgraded probably an easy choice. As far as who you choose to be in your PvP roster. It also probably just really depends on what hero’s you have access to and how well geared they are. I dropped Naomlen from PvP till I can get legendary restore when hit ring cause she is just too much of a liability when dominated. I also dropped Cali cause I don’t have a Boris yet and my luck is so terrible that her dominates get resisted at least 50% of the time. Like a lot of RnG loot based games you can only use what ya got. So taking advice from other people often isn’t very helpful cause you won’t have anywhere close to the same gear upgrades.

Look through your gear for high % options especially if they are likely to work well in combos with your other guys. AC block or injure stack well for me. Also extra action and restore enable you to be awkward and give your opponent problems. Imho the advice above is very sound.

I’m operating at lv 19-18-17 characters.
Opponents I’m up against tend to make short work of tommus. Only time he hangs around is with block from paladin or bard etc and epic sword proc at least once.
He just doesn’t work as a tank, there are too many one shot kill options which work on him.
You can build him with all ac options but then you miss restore and his attack is weak and lacks counter attacks.
I’ve been fiddling with him to try to make him work in different ways. But no real luck so far.
He’s just squishy and not a great tank.

It’s a real shame. He used to be a real burr and I used him a lot to keep the orhers alive. Barbarian is much better now with that epic twig of hers.

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I find epic the best. He is otherwise too squishy. Epic hits hard single target and other options as DPS are better done by other toons. Have high level SH and Leg so have compared

Restore item essential.

For context, above 4K trophy play

The hang around comment above I agree with. However, his nuisance value does blow some cool downs or give set up for your own DPS. Nayeli block and Tommus AC can make a restore grind win possible (but boring).

This was my go to weapon for a long time. However, in addtion to using it with the common flask for auto-restore, I believe that you need to use both the epic/legendary legs for the 75% proc on bonus action (I preferred legendary for the AC+), and the legendary taunt (even if low level) to get the taunt+counterattack up as quickly as possible.

What all of that adds to is the ability to get him into the middle row as a solo taunter and AC buffer for the party in the first turn. It’s the action economy here which is important - I personally found it more valuable to achieve those things on first turn, rather than using the epic taunt + separate counterattack (too much would happen by the time his counterattack came into effect).

Provided the rest of your party has got some good heals and damage going, he can sit there awhile and take it. True, there are insta kills aplenty - but if any of them are resisted, or failed to kill, that player is going to take some damage and find it harder to kill him the next time.

I tend to favor the counterattack trinket over the restore trinket. Getting counterattack without having to spend an action lets me put Tommus into the middle row on the first round and not worry about whether or not the extra action for moving works. This is useful with either the epic or the legendary sword.

It should also be noted that given the deadliness of a high level Naomlen, I try to let Raika be the tank instead.

The truth is, Tommus is now the 3rd best tank.
What’s the point of him?