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Fighting AI

Matchmaking when choosing the “Fight AI” option seems broken. Every time I choose to fight the AI, I face a team of Dino’s at level 24 with boosts to every stat while my team is level 18-20 with almost no boosts. It’s not even competitive. This should act as mode to practice getting better and help players who are struggling. I don’t even mind facing higher level dinos but they shouldn’t be ridiculously boosted unless my team is as well. Anyone else feel this is an unfair fight? I’m not willing to spend money on boosts just to compete with the AI, just wish they gave you a fair fight at higher levels.

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I guess they don’t want players getting easy incubators so they make it challenging. The pity AI’s you get below 4500 trophy’s are 22-23 boosted. I can usually beat those with my unboosted 20-21 teams and if I don’t, I put a team together that can so I can go back to merciless real players with a brain.

Yeah, I didn’t have this problem before I got to Aviary. Now it seems the AI is cranked so high it doesn’t matter what dinosaurs I use. Guess that makes sense about the incubators but most of the time I fight the AI, it’s after I’ve lost a couple battles or have had matches time out several times in a row. Don’t even have any incubators at that point. I really enjoy when I battle actual people, win or lose, because at least it feels fair. Guess I just need to improve my team.

I actually can’t fight AI, rather than make me fight AI the game finds a fake opponent when there is only 1 second left