Fighting brachi hybrid

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To be honest, the stats aren’t looking so good on this hybrid.


As I’ve said on another post, I do agree that it could be a bit better… perhaps getting the 10% armor and 30% crit from brachi would be a start.
A little more hp and attack would also make sense.

And then just remember that youre comparing a lvl 26 barely boosted to your lvl 30 thor that seems pretty boosted up :joy:

Put this bit from a battle I had in another thread, of course its a mindgame, but its like that with many other dinos (tryko, etc…)

In my opinion the best place to test new dino is a friendly battle, where everything is unboosted and equal level. If a dino is strong in that scenario, is also strong in arena.
Talking about ardentis, it is obviously good with the right amount of boost, but every dino is considering how boosts does impact the performace. I still think that it deserves a little more.10% armor and 30% crit at least, considering that this dino also is affected by the reduction of crit multiplier and seems that it didin’t recieve anything to compensate unlike others.
If we look at the components’ stats:
Hp is just above average of the two (Ardonto 4650, Brachi 5850, average 5250, Ardentis 5340 at 26)
Damage is average (Ardonto 1050, Brachi 1000, average 1025, Ardentis 1030 rounded up at 26)
Speed is the lowest (ardonto 108, Brachi 111, Ardentis 108)
Crit chance is the lowest (Ardonto 20, Brachi 30, Ardentis 20)
Armor is the lowest (Ardonto 0, Brachi 10, Ardentis 0)

I know that is immune, but it would be stronger not being immune, with superiority strike and with just a little increase in the stats. At least, i would prefer it that way. The most important thing that this type of dino has to cleanse off from is distracting, and superiority (that brachio has) would be enough, because with bleeders (despite the fact that i don’t see so many bleeders anymore, probably everybody is waiting to this week’s event haha) it can be a trade off and a set up for your next dino.
That’s why i think that this dino deserves a little more to be really meta relevant without being overpowered. We are still talking about a unique made by one rare and two epics…

Best kit To me:
HP 5400
Damage 1050
Speed 109
Armor 10%
Crit 30%

An other solution can be change a bit its moveset: mantain this damage, hp and speed, increase armor and crit to 10 and 30 and improve decel impact in decel rampage.


Some interesting ideas!

Thought about decel rampage as well but that might be a wild thing to do… since it can rotate between decel rampage and definite rampage :joy:

But agreed it needs a little more attack along with the other armor and crit improvements :slight_smile:

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Why Ludia Slaps Instant Invincibility and Instant Distraction on bloody EVERYTHING???

It should have had Bellow.


@Verosika they really do love doing that :joy: but having bellow and a decel move wouldn’t be useful… let alone bellow and 2 decel moves (as it currently has) :grimacing::sweat_smile:

So in this case, and considering it is an unique, Instant Invincibility seems like the right move :slight_smile:


That’s an other point i completely agree with. Seems lack of inventiveness. I also would have liked an onther moveset.

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Eh, it should have been pinning strike and Bellow.

@Verosika @Marco_A

Did a little thread just a few minutes ago, to talk about it :slight_smile:

I also like the pinning strike idea, but even though bellow makes sense bc of brachi, Instant Invincibility is a stronger move for Ardentis imho. :grin:

I think it’s gonna be like low apex, possibly mid

Bellow is better to revenge a killing blow from Diloracheirus and Utarinex, so they are sitting ducks for a Thoradolosaurus / Erlidominus / Indoraptor / etc.

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@Verosika that’s an interesting scenario :thinking:

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Not to mention, boosted Thors.
If you know they will crush you with a Rampage or Impact, use Bellow so they are slowed for the next creature.


Thats some good thinking :slight_smile:


Thats what I do against any fast dinosaur when I know im going to lose even if I have a bigger hit available, ill slow them so they are a setup for my next dinosaur!


Pinning strike just doesn’t make sense though. Something like shielding strike would be better

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For me it hasn’t picked up enough from the Brachi side


Or even slowing shielded strike

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Exactly, so much wasted potential!