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Fighting Icon differ from the Explanaion


I found that there are mistake and make me confuse.
Such as


Icon2 = has 4 fingers normaly mean 2x damage but the explain = 1.5x
Icon3 = 3 fingers normaly mean 1.5x damage but the explain = 1x

Not only this one but there are some others, pls let your staff recheck them all.


This isn’t a bug, different dinos have different attacks and we are are at the early stage in the game so it’s a WIP. they may add new icons but for now use this mighty bit of advice : “Know theyself, know thy enemy a thousand battles a thousand victories” - Sun Tzu.
Seriously, try and learn as much as you can and memorize your fav/best favorites.


Plus dont forget that in battle if you hold your finger on the icon it’ll tell you that attacks abilities without selecting it :wink:

But you’re right it can be a bit confusing at first glance in battle, just don’t go by the icon 100%


The icons just represent ‘special attack’ and ‘debuff attack’. You need to read the text each time to see the actual effect and this can be different for different Dinosaurs. I don’t think it’s a mistake.

See here: