Fighting indominus in Badlands


Ok so I just got to arena 5 and the first thing I face is a level 17 indom. While all my dinos are about level 11. How is this even fair the game ended with me killing of of his dinosaurs and he destroyed all of my team.


Normal business, maybe a BotPlayer. I’ve reached Arena 7 with average LV 11-12.


That thing is usually crap it’s cloak doesn’t work half the time I just took it out with an eini. Dunno how it’s in there though I never encounter any until sorna marshes


I only managed to get one hit on him the cloak did its job and then he switched the indom


Ok thanks.Tyranno and nice getting to 7th arena with 11-12 dinosaurs


Fought Indominus in Badlands, too.


I’m in the 7th arena and thought about purposing dying a lot to go all the way back down. Imagine new players going against my level 16 raptor? Lol.


Just finally fought my first indo Rex and honestly he was easy AF to kill… Used my velo, he cloaked, got him in a stroke halfway then used pounce n he was dead immediately. Lol


Is the cloak just a chance to dodge? I have fought three and they have successfully dodged every attack and their main attack did 3k damage. He just switched he’d him out after a kill so his cloak was back. Sure I would kill two enemy Dino’s but 100% dodge and a 3k first strike is easy kills for him.


most likely not a bot… lots of people go down arenas to farm other arena specific dinos and just because arena 7 gets very annoying with lvl 30 bots after a while :man_facepalming: Plus, theres no real benefit to be in the top 500 rank… is there?! So yeah, probably not a bot. Dont be so mad… arenas 5/6 are the best in terms of good fighting, so just get through that game and im sure the next you’ll face a fair opponent. Happens to all of us :slight_smile: cheers


Wow! What a name… :joy:


Cloak got multiple effects:

Act first in this turn, 50% dodge for 2 turns, next attack damage x2


I took that journey from 6 down to 1, cause I rushed thru it so fast initially and missed out on some early raptor and t-Rex dna.

Had to lose a LOT of battles to get there…


Cloak got 50% chance dodge every attack, you are just that lucky 25%.
Other 50% players can only hit I-rex once in 2 turns, and 25% been dodged twice and can’t hurt I-rex at all.