Fighting Opponents in Different Arenas...?


Morning Team,

Is there a reason why I am getting matched with people from different arenas? I am currently sitting at 3800 (down 100) after fighting 3 people from Arena 7 with 4,000 plus medals.

If you’re going to have arena based segments, you need to keep the people in them together. I am getting tired of being destroyed by extreme pay-to-win players in a different arena.

Please, please, please fix this. I did not see any issues before the introduction of Arena 7.



I wonder how much worse it’ll be when those of us with over 3,500 are reset. :frowning:


Well, there will be one hell of a severe arena gap… I might just skip a week of Arena to let the P2W people get back to 4,000.


Had that happen but not often…thats not near as bad as fighting 4900+ when youre just over 4k though lol. I have somehow weezeld my way to 4450 though