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Fighting without boosts in 1.10

For those who have yet to boost your dinos, how are you doing in the arena?

Since update 1.10 came about last night, I have yet to re-boost my dinos. So far I have had 5 battles in the arena. All against people who have boosted some of their dinos. I lost 3 and won 2 of the battles. 40% win rate. Could have been higher if I had played smarter.


About the same, I win one, lose 1 or 2, win another one. The wins are very satisfying and the losses can often be dismissed. I have plenty of Proceratomimus in stock so falling in the Arena has little effect on me for now.

Makes me miss the pre-boost era. Ah well, all good.

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Doing roughly the same. Fighting an interesting assortment of teams. Anywhere from 20-26 in Mid Aviary.

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Yeah I have been fighting a variety of things now, yeah

I’ve lost 300 trophies. I’m not going to boost. I really can’t stand what Ludia has done to this game. I went from playing at an addictive level to very casual over a few months. Eventually I’ll settle into an arena and play that until I get bored.

Winning some and losing some. Winning to non boosters and people who spread out their boosts wisely and loosing of course to over boosted freaks. Overall a much better experience except when the arena ai beats me

The Rats are still around and greatly boosted in their attack. But was super satisfying to have killed some of them with my Erlidominus or Thor.

I am planning to go unboosted for a while. Not really concerned about my trophy drop if it happens. Currently at around low 4800.

Constantly losing to boosted teams … 6+ matches in past 5 hours (though lost one against unboosted team as my team selection was not good). Dropped 300 trophies almost

2 and 13 … my unboosted team lv20-24 keeps getting paired with boosted 25+ teams. Fun times :confused:

I’d say there’s no difference to pre 1.10.
I’m seriously considering not to boost at all as long as I’m sitting at the same trophy range.

I am doing fine without boosts. Win loss is about the same. I did boost Erlidominus with level 3 attack and speed. Don’t see the point boosting his HP. I don’t see the point in boosting my thor or teno or any of my non unique creatures. I am 248/250 from unlocking indoraptor and I might boost his stats to level 3.

I was holding my own for a minute in lower library. Even climbed a bit. But then I fell back into upper aviary and have been going back and forth ever since.

At first terrible having being paired against lvl 27 when the best I have is 24 but after a few hours it stabilized and now it makes no difference whether my opponents are boosted or not because 80% of the time…I’ve been slaying rats and thors! insert evil laugh
Mind you none of my dinos are boosted post update.

Constantly losing is what I call, play 30+ matches in an hour, win for about 5 of them.

I’ve been dropping and I don’t think I’m going to boost any Dino until the next patch. It’s supposed to be a big patch. I think we will get some must have dinos and I think there will be some controversial nerfs. Besides I’m looking forward to challenging strike towers

Exactly how many battles do I have to lose until I end up where I “belong”?

This is no fun. I don’t care if I win/lose 40/100, but it’s getting ridiculous. Constantly being shut down. And don’t tell me it’s because of my boosts as I only ever got any of my Dinos to tier 5. I’m being matched with uniques, of which I have none. I don’t get enough gold to level my critters much over 15 unless it’s a good one. Nor is the dna plentiful enough.

If you’re trying to placate you’re players, I think you’ll lose more long timers because if this new update. I would spend some before, but mostly f2p. I don’t even care if just remove my trophies until I’m where I belong, but this is getting old fast.

I get most of my dna through battle incubators because the scent pods give me more diplocaulus than anything else. Please just figure something out.

I managed to win 4 of 5 but only got 20 trophies at a time. Makes it a risky business playing without boost if you care about rank.

All i really care about is earning the same amount of boosts in my DBI. if i happen to fall out of aviary, i’m not gonna be upset.