It seems as if you hae stronger dinosaurs and your in battle wit lower one’s? Even though you use there abilities? It doesn’t end up fair. Every time you battle? Is it against a real Player? .or does a computer generated player fight against you. Some of these battles seem fixed.


There are several threads regarding this topic.

To make a long story short—yes, there will be a fair number of times when you face opponents with stronger creatures than yours. Most opponents are real players; some are bots. Due to the random selection of your 4 team members, it will often seem like the battles are “fixed.” That, however, is where strategy comes in.

By continuing to level up your team, replacing weak creatures with stronger ones, etc., you can do well in the battle arena. You will not always win battles in the arena–that’s just a fact. But you can do well and progress to the higher tiers given enough time and effort.

Best of luck, and happy hunting!


I got so tired of losing every battle, I am intentionally losing battles now, dropped 700 xp in a couple hours. I changed my team to the lowest level commons in my collection. Nothing higher than lvl 6, and no rates. Lol. I get beat 3 to 1 almost every battle. Now I threw a lvl 15 in and play Russian roulette style, surprise them at the end. It’s more fun and less frustrating


Yup I have been saying that for a while now! Trophy lust is making people crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that is all they think about OMG I lost 200 trophies the game is not fair, everybody is cheating!

If people stop focusing on trophies they will be allot happier


You make it impossible to leave message pertaining to the game . Which makes more sense on the battle bots. I payed a lot of money. And this is getting really out of control. I will not be spending any more money on this game. I work for universal? And will be telling everyone that they shouldn’t waste their time playing. It’s like all the other games. You will be hearing from me more? As I will open my own Facebook account? And having people join to tell them not to waste there time. It was fun as it lasted? But EVERYONE needs to know the truth. Sincerely? Shane Rogers


Omg! I have been experiencing the same thing. And I was wondering that too!


I will be turning people away form this money making business you have going . You will here more from me in the future. You guys are like the others :angry:


I have no idea why you are replying this to me. I don’t work for ludia I’m a player just like you.


Oh no! Ludia is a MONEY MAKING BUSINESS! Everyone run for the hills.


Hidden post appears after being hidden! Stop hiding you little posts!


Sorry wasn’t sending you directly. Another problem with this forum. Block me if you don’t like it.