Fights and Quests (Jurassic World)

Hi to all,
I just wanted to say that I’m really disappointed with fighting in the arena. If I remember, Ludia said fights will be more fair and dino levels will try to be qual, so you’re fighting againt player who has dinosaurs on same level as you. My highest dino is on level 20, while I’m fighting against dinosaurs who are lvl 23-24 + boosted, so there’s no way I can win a fight.
After that big update, I’ve began to lose more often, and I’m losing like 30+ trophies, and when I win I get only 10 or max 27 trophies…
How’s that fair?
And I’ve decided to stop with fighting for daily because of that, BUT game somehow hates me, and I get in my daily quests almost every day daily battle defense quest (open 1 daily battle incubator)…and if I don’t fight I can’t get daily DNA, I’ve even tried not to get daily quest, but every quest changes EXEPT daily battle incubator quest. That quest was like 4 days in a row in my daily quests, horrible, until I gave up and done it (lost 3 fights and won 1).
I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem, I don’t mind fighting, but I want it to be fair, because I’m really not happy when I lose 3-4 times in a row and every time I lose 30+ trophies…its hard for me to get on the same place again (I’m currently stuck for more than a month on the same arena, its getting really boring).

I’d like to suggest idea that Ludia finally make these fights more fair so everyone should have equal chance to win (fights would be based more on player skills and dino team they get and not on lvl and boosters), and idea that we can rollover 1 of daily quests every day (e.g. you get a chance to change one of your daily quests, and after you change it you have to wait 20+ hours before you can change it again).

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