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Figured Out How To Not Lose To RNG and Cheaters


My long time gripe with the game is RNG. I’m fine with it, it’s just too much of a factor in JWA. Games can be completely decided by RNG. You can lose games TOO many times regardless of how much time spent upgrading the right dinos and tooling your starting line up. Then there’s the cheaters. And of course the normal UI flaws and dino flaws released into the game for actual users to test for JWA. Anyway…

I don’t remember which post it was and what the gripe was, I’m sure you’re familiar with all of them, but there was one reply that everyone seemed to overlook. It was something simple and made so much sense. Something to the effect of: Then stop playing the game.

I have fun with this game, collecting DNA, upgrading and playing strategic battles. However, tapping on the screen only to not have it respond as that Epic dino passes us by, reconnecting errors, random victories and losses…that would not be missed if I quit. I couldn’t let go of the idea of quitting. So I did. It’s been over a week now and for as much as I loved playing the game, I haven’t missed it one bit! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re a better person than 99.9% of us on here…!!

We all complain about the game, but the only way of actually proving the level of your dissatisfaction is to stop. playing. the. game.

And you did!

I’m so impressed.

If enough of us did that we might actually get some positive action from Ludia.

We cry out about issues but it’s that old “definition of insanity” adage isn’t it? We complain hoping we might be listened to… but nothing ever changes…

Unless you try something different

I would join this movement, but only if enough people signed up, because I’m too invested to take time out and fall behind. :confused: I’m part of the problem right now.

Good luck with your path to recovery :smile: maybe more of us will join you sooner than Ludia currently thinks.


i was too invested, as well. trying hard to get that indoraptor, but still so far off. finally had a line up of 20+ dinos. one of my kids audibly gasped when i told them i deleted the app :joy:


I quit for 6-ish weeks through mid-September until just after Halloween. It was a productive period, that’s for sure!

When I restarted, I expected to just come back casually, but alas this game doesn’t really allow for that if you have any hope of getting the stop limits, etc.

I’m pretty close to being done again, but not because of the bugs, RNG, etc., though the fact that same ones are still around from “back then” really shows where this game is (not) going. I’m about done because of the question: Are the entertainment benefits worth the time lost on other activities? The fun factor is fading, just because of the repetition of the same events over and over.


Exactly. If the game loses fun stop.

I was on another game war dragons. Every one was dissatisfied. Major problems great game.

So the elite and regular players organized a boycott of it.

Guess what it worked.

It showed a majority of players were unhappy. Changes were made quick fast like.

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Bingo. You hit the bullseye. Get the majority of the player base to stop for one week and then the shareholders of the parent company that controls Ludia will pillage the Corp officers and make them clean their mess up.


That’s about what happened in war dragons sadly after that unity was lost and crap rolled back in… But it shows the power of really using a majority.


It’s pretty obvious really but there are also factors which might stop people from quitting/taking a break. If they have invested lots of money into this ‘casual’ game they might not feel they’re getting value for money and feel locked-in to having to make it work. This is clearly an impossible situation. Even if you’ve payed £/$100-1000 and you’re having no joy from playing, walk away and find something else. If you’re doing it out of obsessive impulses, walk away. If a game isn’t fun any more ‘is it game?’ (anymore) or has it become work and drugery, walk away.

Personally I’m still enjoying the game but then I’ve only invested my time in it, and not money. It’s cost me nothing at all, I’m still progressing and enjoying collecting and battling and running an alliance. I think you’re more likely to become disenfranchised with JWA if you’ve put your own real-world hard-earned cash into what is effectively an over-priced scam, and game ‘in development’ - the sooner people realised this the better.


sadly it’s still fun for me, but only when the game works and battles to come down to the roll of a supposed dice. unless im home on wifi…i never know if im going to be out staring at the reconnect indicator. i shouldn’t need a gigabit fiber connection to play the game reliably. especially in areas where i have a good connection and can do numerous other things on my phone. the frustration finally pushed me over the edge.

i think the answer to the question: “Are the entertainment benefits worth the time lost on other activities?” is the same for everyone, and should be pretty obvious. we just ignore the answer for that instant gratification of getting just a few more coins and maybe little more DNA.


I use some $ from my “entertainment fund”. (Just like going to a movie costs a little.) JWA has to pay the engineers & modifiers. It’s a personal choice. Happy battles tomorrow!

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