Fill Special Event Supply Drops


Ludia since you don’t post replies on the suggestions we don’t know if you are taking them into consideration.

Suggestion 1: The Green Special Event Supply Drops in Parks should be programmed to be filled with the special dinos 100%. Often times one out of four (25%) or two out of the four (50%) green drops in my local park will be empty of dinos.

Suggestion 2: The Green Special Event Supply Drops in Parks need to stay GREEN and not turn into Strike Locations. Turn the orange ones in Strike and leave the Green ones alone.

It stinks when you cannot dart the event dinos because they are not in the park.

Your week 11 rare dinos had 5 different dinos to choose from. I decided I wanted the Tuojinagosaurus and Wuehosaurus (2 of the 5). Even after multiple trips on all 3 days to the park I was only able to find 18 of them. Either the drops were empty OR you change them into strike locations.

Here are a few screen shots to explain. In my park there are 4 green event and 1 normal orange drops.

This was during the common dinos event. Two of the green are changed into blue strike locations (there is no value in having 2 blue strike near each other since it only takes 1 to play. The other 2 don’t contain any event dinos. So when I went there were no event dinos.

This was during the rare dinos event. All 4 of the green drops are there but 2 seem to always be empty (and rarely had the dinos I wanted).

This is now during the epic dinos event. Now 2 are strike events and there was only 1 of the green with an epic dino (and not the one I want). Why so many strike event drops near each other anyway?

The other park that is close by has these same issues.

If anyone else has similar issues please comment or Like this post so Ludia understands this is not just an isolated issue.

Green supply drops removed

I agree with suggestion 2. Many of us rural players have very few Green Supply Drops. When one or more turn into strikes they severely drop the amount or event dinos we get to see/collect.


So many empties. :slightly_frowning_face:


Not saying your wrong about the park one’s not being strike events. I would also prefer them be kept seperate, but the blues events may be close to each other because there were two different blue strike events going on.


I agree entirely and would ‘like’ your post multiple times if I could, OP.


The empty Special Event drops don’t bother me that much since the weekly roster does state a respawn time (1 hour for Common, 3 hours for Rare and 6 hours for Epic), but I do have an issue with the event drops changing into Strike Events. I have plenty of standard supply drops in my area, use them. It’s so frustrating having planned out my week to then realise that the drops have changed. Every time I see the “Strike Events now on the map” notification, my heart sinks. “Not this week, please not this week…”. :expressionless:


I agree on both your suggestions!


Agreed. But also Ludia needs to increase the green supply drop, not make them disappear as for the last big update. I am not able to organize my hunting sessions anymore, just dart as many event dinos I can’t, it doesn’t matter if I would like to catch one specific dino of the four.