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Hello…we have a suggestion…
Do you know the empty feeling you feel in the hour where you are are waiting till the next featured creatures comes on after the last one is darted in holes and you wait for the next one?
Where i live this boring, dumb, depressing hour appears between 3 and 4 in the afternoon…sooooo boring…lol
Suggestion is: lets have a HAPPY HOUR instead…more epic spawns…more rare spawns… more “that dino i didnt see in a long time (irritator) spawn” OR something else…
That would be awesome instead of boring to wait that hour until the next featured creature comes on…
what do you think?


Sounds like a great idea–except no one would ever agree on when that would be! :slight_smile: Maybe a happy hour scent capsule. :smiley:


it should not be a specific time of day…it should be individuel. When that green supply drop disappears and “the waiting hour” starts so should the Happy Hour. That might be in the middle of the night for you but here its afternoon and a real great time to hunt :grinning:

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For me it would be 2pm-3pm so also good time, but lets not be selfish and forget about those that would not be able to take up the opportunity.

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It’s 9-10am for me. So if I see them disappear, it means I’m late for work. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah right GPx i get your point…i would be a bit angry myself it it happened at night where i live…Good point :+1:


Another good reason why this is a bad idea…cant get people late for work…
Thanks for the answers…really helped me forget that idea.


Or, you could choose when you want your hour.