Film Loyalty Ideas


After rewatching all three Jurassic Park films I was thinking, we should have some new dinosaurs or new gens that look similar to the film they appeared in. Example: Maybe a Velociraptor Gen 2 that takes the look of a male raptor from JP3 or maybe adding a Ceratosaurus with a similar color to it’s film appearance. I don’t know just some small ideas that would make JW Alive more loyal to the JP films.


I can’t even catch up to new updates


Agreed here! I would be happy with a Gen 2 Velociraptor that looks either like its male TLW (Tiger Stripe) or JPIII appearance. If they ever include a ‘Gen 3’ then the green male T. Rex is a must. ^^

So far I’m fairly pleased that the dinos in the game that /have/ featured in the films are more-or-less sticking to their film appearances. (Which is more than can be said for sound…For some reason, Ludia decided to give the film Spino’s voice to the Irritators and give the Dilophosaurs the Raptor sounds! XD)