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Final Claws is Recruiting

We currently have two open spots. We usually get tier 6 on the weekly incubators.In the tournament we currently have tier 2 incubators, if you join you must have 2500+ trophies try to get the 10 tournament kills. We love raiding with people. KEEP THE SANCTUARIES ORGANIZED I can not stress how much this means to our alliance. Be nice to others. Be on within 7 days or you will get kicked. Most importantly have fun. Please message me if you would like to join then I will direct message you to get your in game info. We hope to see you soon. From all of Final Claws

We now have 11 spots open we just kicked a lot of members that where not active

Do you guys require discord? I’ve never used it. Active daily though with 2900 trophies

No we do not use discord, so would you like to join?

Yes I’m active daily but usually only available for raids on the weekends or after hours as long as that’s cool I’d like to join

That is fine, can you please send me a private message with your in game name