Final oto

Bittersweet. Will miss em.


How much does it cost?

Was 50 bucks for me.

Not bad, until those epics popped up…

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The coins and cash alone more than makes up for the (censored) epic dna. I think it costs just as much just for those 7K Ludia dollars, right?

Do you still have the OTO for level 19? I should be getting there this weekend.

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And sadly i dont seem to have it :frowning:

No worries mate

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Got my last one today too. The DNA was OK, got a bunch of Deino which I can use among some other stuff. I landed 60 or so Barry and a pile of Grypo that I could do without. I’m going to miss the coins and cash.

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Until people stop paying these ripoff prices Ludia won’t drop the prices…:roll_eyes:

Edit: You coulda bought a AAA brand new game for the price of that -_-! Meh