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Final Voltknapper battle not working

Final Voltknapper battle not working.
Gives “an unknown error occurred”. Error code: -1 followed by Error Code 460.
It also consumed all my remained the explore energy for nothing. :frowning:


Mine is glitchy too…


The situation is the same for me:

I started to play the last battle of Voltknapper Try Out.
It cost me my last 12 exploration energy bolts. But the battle did not start, the game gave me “an unknown error occurred”, Error code: -1 followed by Error Code 460.

So I followed all the instruction support send me in the past:

  1. I rebooted my phone
  2. I uninstalled and reinstalled game
  3. I checked that my operating system is the latest one possible
  4. I forgot my Wi-fi network and reconnected to it back
  5. I have only the game installed on my phone, so I do not have any redundant apps and I have a lot of space
  6. I did not run any other application in the background

Then I started the game again.

I bought new 70 energy bolts for 280 runes and started to play the last battle of Voltknapper Try Out again.
But the situation was absolutely the same - the game gave me “an unknown error occurred” Error code: -1 followed by Error Code 460.
When I restarted my phone and started the game, I found that all my exploration energy bolt were gone again!

Due to this error I lost 82 exploration energy bolts and spent 280 runes for nothing.

I am very sad and frustrated about this situation.


Mine is glitchy too, not able to play final battle
Very disappointed!!

SUPER SORRY this happened to you, but THANK YOU FOR THE WARNING!! I will not waste my time trying to get there now!

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Hello everyone. I’m sorry to hear about this. If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team at so they can have a closer look at each of your cases. Don’t forget to include your support key in the message. Thank you!

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I just received a terror mail that included a 3 :star: voltnapper and said I was so close to the end, here is the item, and try out dissappeared , anyone else?

I also received this terror mail.

Can anyone from Ludia ( @Ronald ) explain what’s going on ???

The duration of the Voltknapper event was sheduled for one more day - many teammates in my clan got only halfway through the event and did not have time to finish this event which is gone now…

Also many of us who almost finished the event due to a mistake in the last battle lost so many resources like @Zita.
The three-star dragon is a ridiculous compensation for the caused losses…


This is how the event appeared for me and other people in my alliance. Now it’s completely out… I guess to fix the errors? There’s no word from Ludia only the event is not there

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Hello folks, the event has been temporarily suspended and will resume at a later time. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact support at Thank you!


Thanks for answering, could you also tell us what’s last reward supposed to be? People here say they’re compensated a 3* only


To all players: the Voltknapper event has ended early due to an issue that some players have been experiencing with obtaining rewards after battles. Do not worry, we are working on a fix and Voltknapper will come back sometime between the end of September and end of October! As @Ronald said, if you experienced any problems please contact our support team with your Support Key at so they can investigate the issue and help you accordingly! Thank you all for your patience and understanding!


That is such a bad joke. Do you realy think its better to steal a complete questline because of a bugged last level that only a few can reach? I would have needed some of the rewards in the first 14 levels.

And that after reducing rewards in quests and stealing 3* scales but didnt add a egg-quest, and still give us unbeatable quests (like use 4 2star dragons on hard mode)…

What about a little conpensation for all those who couldnt play theese levels?

The event was crashing big on the final level. I have a clanmate who played it once, it went to error, she refreshed the phone and all her energy went poof in the meantime.

They usually fix something within the day and re-launch, unless something serious is happening. I wanted the resources too but c’mon.