Finalclaws is recruiting

Only requirement is that you compete in the tournaments. We were less than 2000 away from rank 7 last month. Usually get between 6-8 on the weekly’s. The team is laid back and there are 8 open spots

I’m also in this alliance and we do donate regularly as well

Could you please accept me, I’ve requested to join

I will let the leader know

OK thanks :+1::+1::+1:

What is your name on JWA so we know who to add?

Do you have to use discord

No just be at a level 10, do your ten takedowns each tournament and your good

I’m level 12 and would like to join
Username is Stephen

What are the numbers after your name? I will add you. And do you qualify for tournaments?

Sent request VampOfVegas. My better half BeckLynn will probably join me as well. She’s the crates and coins and I’m the arena junky.

Awesome as long as you guys do your ten takedowns in the weekend tournaments that’s all that matters

Hello! I’m interested in joining your lvl is 16 . My discord I’d is balaji#6244

We are at full capacity, I could message you if a spot becomes open

FinalClaws is currently recruiting. Only two requirements are that you are above level 10 and you must compete in the alliance tournament every weekend. No discord is required and it is a friendly group that donates often. Last month we got level 6 in the championship and we get level 6 in the weekly incubators. Just send an in game request to join