Finally #1 woot


Hey all finally did it lol made #1. Glad to join the 5000 club… :wink:


Congrats! :slight_smile: what team did you manage to make it up there with? Hehe


Look like when everybody reach 5k get 1 place for some minutes. But atm you are the second lol, you must be so old account. Gzz


Here is my team not huge but they worked hard for me and we finally made it.


Ya was online within 2 days or so of it dropping.


mrFeldon had to win a game to take over 1st again from me so if I win another I’ll knock him back down lol


That’s mad, your team isn’t even full of crazy unobtainable hybrids


@CleverBoy lol whatever son I have never spoofed or cheated yes I spent real money on this game and not a ton look at my Dino’s there not huge or crazy unique just Indo and a lot of walking my dogs to get this done. So start crying I’ll be around a long time.


Hey well done, glad someone is up there without an erlidominus, they are the devil :rofl:


Back on top!!!


Fortunately, your team looks believable so congrats.


I think the important thing to learn from this, is it is not what level your dinosaurs are, its’s how you battle with.

Oh and in addition, Ludia is cleaning up the rankings… Well done! I might meet you one day … :slight_smile: