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Finally! 25 painful fuses later

I finally got this skinned, plastic-surgery-gone-wrong dino! Just in time for Halloween!

I’ve had the Sino dna for this since the Armored event but Dracorex was what held me back. I don’t have a place for her yet on my team, not for another few levels first but still, finally !


Gz but you got 10 in all fusions??

Yes :joy: And meanwhile I’ve been facing people with level 23+ Utarinex so I have a love-hate relation with this dino

:expressionless: I hate this thing, I wanna stay down at 4500 where I see them once in a blue moon.

I’m at 4300 right now and I would see them every other match, I don’t understand why. I would take facing over-leveled Stegodeus and Monomimus any day over this :joy:

Whaaat! I just fought a level 23 there but it’s the first in months and I’m 4596 :thinking:

I managed to create diorajasaur yesterday, i put on my team even is only lvl 21, since i dont matter win or lose, and i lose 80% sure if i dont get my ibdoraptor or stegodeus xd

Sorry, I must have misremembered. I looked through my recent list and saw 2 level 16s, one with a level 22 Utarinex and the other with level 21 Utarinex. Could have sworn I’ve encountered a much higher level one yesterday but can’t find them now. I generally expect losses when I see that thing coming out :sob:

How does Diorajasaur perform compared to Trykosaurus and Rajakylosaurus? I’m tempted to move Trykosaurus, Tryostronix and Allosinosaurus off my team but I don’t have high level enough replacements for them

I think his dmg is too low, for decent dmg you must swap to him in ferocity and take a hit, but mine is ftesh lvl 21, i guess at lvl 25+ diorajasaur is a beast except for those tank buster dinos. Really i think tryko is much better, but in my l3 zone i can have all the tiojuangosaurus i want and thats why i decided go for him, and because is so cool too xd

Congrats @Idris!

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Can I see a screenshot of someone’s Dioraja? I’m in L3 too and im still trying to get my tuojiang to 20. Good or bad, you sometimes gotta go with what you have.

level 22

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Congrats!! I haven’t had the “pleasure” of fusing for a unique yet, but I’m getting close. I think they should up the minimum result per fuse to 20 before I get there :crossed_fingers::pray::rofl:

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Thank you!

Thanks! @MagicFingers and @MementoMori I definitely need another speedster on my team but she needs to be leveled up, as it is right now her hp is too low even though her damage output is decent

And oh yeah, the minimum fuse should really be 20, now I don’t have enough Sino dna and I never thought that would happen

Grats!!! Thats great

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So, I accidentally pressed the fuse button for my Utarinex just now (thought I was fusing Utahsinoraptor) and got a 70. Better late than never, i guess :rofl:

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Anything less than that 70…

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