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FINALLY Avairy - now what (advice please)


I finally finally finally reached Aviary. I know the arenas and battling have changed so I’m seeking some advice on what to develop on my team to reach the coveted top 500 :star_struck:


Start heading for tryko. Tyrant tier. Erlidom too. Finally magni. One of the hardest to get, but well worth it


I want your level 25 suchotator


I think I just got enough Kentro to level Ankyn to 20 to start Tryko, as long as I don’t get a boatload of 10’s :roll_eyes:. Erlidom is a long way off but I’ll run some scents and maybe make it a faster LONG WAY off! Thank you for the input!

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I could probably get him to 27, but I don’t want to sit for two+ hours of fusing and I’m not sure about investing the coins. I sure do love him though…he has a nice set of tools and has saved me more than once.

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I find the teams you face at the entrance of aviory vairy greatly. You will jump back and fourth alot. Last battle at 4540 trophies I faced a LVL 28 Indo. 27 stegod. 24 dilo. And 24 tryko


Congrats on reaching Aviary! Good team - you just need to add levels to it, especially Dilorach and Thor - they improve immensely every level. Personally I would also level Suchotator but then I’m a big fan - mine should make it to L30 next week. I would definitely target Tryko - from what I have seen it is effective even at creation level - I just got my Ankyntrosaurus to L20 and had a single fuse on Tryko (a 10 of course).


Ugh, well that’s disheartening! Time to get the GRIND on.

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Thank you :blush: and thank you for the tips. I’ve been wavering between Thor and ‘rinex, and so far I’m not as happy with ‘rinex as I “was” with utahsino, so I’ll dedicate to Thor and as much as I don’t want to, I’ll sit an hit the fuse button umpteen times for Suchotator…he is worth it though.


He/She certainly is :slight_smile:

You won’t regret adding the levels (well - until it gets a cool hybrid); you think you have a lot of fusing to get to L27 … you need 25,000 to go from L29 to L30 :frowning:

I benched Utarinex and went all in on Thor - it really is a beast - ironically its the Tarbo I’m short of now not the Allosino.

I would also continue to level Draco (although you won’t make any friends); just got my Golden Dragon God to L25 - delivers a hefty 2210 of SIA (Swap in Angst); managed to get Dilorach to Rampage & Run into Draco; both moves crited which one shotted a high level Stegod.


I’m bouncing from Lockwood to Aviary for a while. Still need some fusions to unlock Diloracheirus. Opponent teams really vary. Met lvl 28 Suchotator, lvl 30 Stegodeus, lvl 25 Indominous, lvl 24 Utasino.