Finally broke 4500 in arena =)


Not bad for this team.


Congrats!! Just a couple of battles more and you should be able to make it into Top 500!

I was also able to enter the top 500 (though it was short) with a team I feel is a bit inferior than yours. So, hopefully you fare better than me.


Is sarcorixis any good? I’ve never seen one in ruins.


Im at 4600 so might play ya. If ya could gimme some of that rex dna ill love you :joy: my indoms only 18 still


I wanna say congrats but at the same time it’s a sentence to spoofer/hacker/bot hell :< Good luck though!


only if you get him right when you kill someone. But usualy I’ll lose if I have to use him lol


Thanks! I know it won’t last long


Lol okay. Saving for my indo


Grats! I have sarc too and wasn’t sure if he was worth investing in.


He’s only good if a Dino dies and he comes in to finish and gets his crit up. Other than that he usually loses unfortunately.


Ah ok, thank you. Good to know.