Finally broke through my own personal barrier!

Into 45xx territory now!

Switched up my team a little a couple days ago. Put in Ankyntrosaurus for Alankylosaurus, and Spinotasuchus for Megalosuchus. Not sure if that’s what brought me to here, but for now I’ll take it.

I just wish it was a little closer to the end of the tournament, cause chances are I’ll drop a few trophies cause I cant stay away from battling!


Well done! I got there a few days ago. It was a great feeling :slight_smile:

I almost felt the same today for 3.5k. Was one win away from reaching it, alas, it was not meant to be. But I only lost one and won the next so i’m back at the “one win away” point again!

Well lost 2 battles, then won 1, got a 15 minute incubator, opened it, battled again, won the fight, ended up exactly where I was originally and therefore still one win away! :joy:

If you’re old enough you need a drink of hops and malt :wink: