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Finally caught up

On all the current characters and have 5431 diamonds with no one I want to spend them on.

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Welcome to the club!

Wish we could get a badge for those that we are on the same boat TT_TT hahaha

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My game keeps showing the little icon like I have an open conversation… but it’s a lie :weary:

And only Liam to spend on occasionally. No updates on the other profiles…

I wish I could restart the female characters only and spend my diamonds lol

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I wish I could restart stories too. And not lose what diamond choices I’ve already made… :thinking:

There are some stories I don’t even really remember …:woman_shrugging:t2:


@kourtney @JDR me 2. i so wish i could. would be even better if we could start over and change 2 the counterpart and not lose the diamonds