Finally did it

I finally got the chance to test this baby and reck the floor with her
image image

He had dig-in up but ya the shield wasn’t going to do anything


What is that?

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oh my. 12K damage on a crit. amazing.


Indom gen2 (Mutual Fury+cloak+crit) rampage

Lol now if I could just do that to a maxima or Gemini I would be so satisfied

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Just wait until you realize that it’s theoretically possible to do over 30k damage in one hit, if my math is right. Indom G2 level 30, 0/20/10. It has to have 10 speed boosts so it out speeds Entelomoth. Indom G2 goes MF, Moth goes MF, Indom G2 goes Cloak, Moth goes MF again. Moth goes MF a third time. Indom G2 goes Rampage. The initial damage is 2917, *2.5 for the attack boosts, *2 for the cloak,*2 for the Rampage, and *1.25 for the crit. That’s 2917 *12.5, or 36,433 damage in a single hit. That’s probably more than your entire 8 roster has COMBINED. In one move. My point: Excess damage should carry over to the next Dino.


Lol yaaa no I think one is enough

It’s no slouch in the arena either.
Can’t remember whos this was, I want to say King Dreadnaught.


Too bad this ability wasn’t giving to indom a legendary