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Finally Erliko is being Featured!


Though it would be as the Epic DNA reward for the next tournament!


Yep just saw that too. Pretty sweet

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Erliko seems the main reason for me to compete in this tournament!!

Based on current team, 500 Erliko DNA seems to be the most easy one. Getting more is tough!


Where did you see this?


hopefully it’s not the rare one :rofl:


If you restart your JWA app, you will get the tournament popup message on launch.

You won’t be able to search that topic till it is listed for public. Which I guess should happen soon.


What date does it say? Because hopefully 1.6 drops a day or 2 before that

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Adding link to tournament here:


Added the link above:

  • Dates : January 17th to February 4th
  • Guaranteed Prize : Erlikosaurus DNA

With the tournament started, I doubt there would be a patch in between (especially if it impacts meta).

Best bet is for the patch to roll out immediately after tournament ends!


Doesn’t the top plays have erki maxed out already? Why would they need another 5 thousand erkli dna?
It’s like giving a billionaire another billion dollars. Pretty pointless


To be fair mark said his erlidom is only level 22 lol


Having a tournement every week is what is pointless. I’m really supossed to care that Erliki is a reward now?

Thread title is misleading, I thought you were gonna say it was FINALY featured as an event dino, now THAT is something to be excited over.

Ah well, at least Erliki > some stupid bird.


Erliko in daily task will be nice


Heck, any other Epic (which has a hybrid) would be a nice change for daily missions!

Wish they kept rotating the Epic every week or so! Maybe even use the weekly park event dinos!

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Theres a thread just for that


Feel like the title should read “Finally the season rewards are useful!”

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About time someone said something positive and showed a little appreciation.
Thank you @Somedinoguy!

The threads have been blowing up the last couple weeks about erliko, and now ludia finds a way to give a decent chunk to nearly everyone and all there is is judgement and discontent.

I can’t help but be a little disappointed.


Welcome to the Internet @Hersh, where everyone wants things done their way. :expressionless:


Haha, you speak a sad and very real truth I’m afraid … I guess our generation is just the product of dangerously powerful marketing :man_shrugging:t4:


We’ve all gotten spoiled