Finally Finished Exploration! Pros & Cons

Exploration is the name for the story mode where you fight some dragon hunters and meet Maeve… etc. Not to be confused with the yellow energy called exploration energy, used for quests as well as exploration. Anyway, after getting to the final area, Baneful Boglands, and defeating it’s 221th level, which is an alpha as all ending areas are… you get to the endgame.
Now be prepared because… instead of simply being a good accomplishment, it has some pros and cons.
First of all let us talk about the negative qualities. The first thing you will notice is that where the Exploration (as well as the auto-play repeatable Quests) used to be, the big green “play” button in the center, that button gets locked behind a time wall of 1 day and 12 hours. So while we wait for that time let’s mention a couple cons that are hopefully just temporary bugs; the first bug is that on the dragons tab, you lose the green notifications at the top, both the amount of dragons available to train up and the amount of dragons you don’t have (but you have the dragons to be able to breed them). Examples below.

(In my opinion, these are not a big loss I don’t like the former and the ladder was cool but not as game changing as the next bug)
The second bug I just mentioned, is that you lose the number of drafts you have available down at the bottom. This can be useful as to know if you should be using them or saving them up, as they can really help you not have to spend runes during events when you want to do as many duties and open as many chests as you can, having a stockpile means you won’t get stopped at hiccups “use drafts” duties. Examples below.

It seems like all other counters stay normal except those three things.
Now while we are still waiting for 1 day and 12 hours we might have duties to do, to open up a chest such as hiccup or astrid asking the player to “earn fish” or “earn coins” to complete the duty. Well an easy way to complete those is obviously through Daily rotational Quests, but the problem with that is you could be waiting anywhere up to almost 11hours(if you already completed the fish/coin quests and get a duty for them right after) and that’s only as long as you log into the game every 4 hours to trigger the rotations. Now with one of the easy-ish ways of getting resources often locked behind a timewall…and the harder way, through exploration,locked behind a time wall… and repeatables locked in there with the Exploration, locked behind a time wall… you have to rely on there being events going on, that you haven’t already done, to be able to complete those resource based duties. And this happens a lot, it can be very frustrating to go from pre-endgame where you can just autoplay on that map anytime you want to get whichever resources you need, and now having that taken away from you.
Let’s put these negatives behind us and hope Ludia will hear these concerns I have and fix them up. Anyway there are some benefits, a couple in-game workarounds to get moreout of one of the worst parts of endgame, and hope for improvement that will improve endgame eventually.
First let’s start with hope. Endgame used to be a disaster, your game would give you random tutorial pop ups during random battles, make arena and alphas unplayable sometimes. At one point it was definitely better to NOT finish the game, but that seems to be behind us now. Hopefully that bodes well for the future, and the visual missing notification bugs and autoplay repeatable Quests button locked behind a stupid timer will have fixes soon.
Next let’s go onto how the endgame works. There are five different areas you can show up to. They all are slightly different in name, alpha at the end, the number of battles until the end, even sometimes the energy cost for the battles. Sometimes you can also get some scales while progressing, the main thing (the reason I think a timer is locking this area) is there is always a token at the end of the 4-6 battles, when you beat the alpha. I have a feeling there is a small 1-5% chance the token generated is a premium token, however I have not been able to confirm this myself.
Anyway the number above the repeatable autoplay quest are what it seems like are the most important here, as the higher those are, the more resources you will get when playing. The numbers displayed are and the resources obtained are… sadly I forgot to record all of them but I think remember some enough to fill in some blanks (for foreverwing) eggs:13-17 coins:2950 fish:5250(bewilderbeast) 14-18 c:3150 f:5500 (violet death) 15-19 c:3350 f:5750(screaming death) 16-20 c:3550 f:6000 (shellfire) 17-21 c:3750 f:6250

Now the good news, the 1 day 12 hour timer is not necessarily an end to getting the resources you need, because depending on the duties you have, you might be able to click on them through to that locked area. I can’t list all of the duties that work or don’t work for this, as it is seemingly random, but you can go ahead and try for yourself. Sadly the duties that ask you to get resources don’t seem to work(yanno the important ones). This is important because if both Hiccup and Astrid are asking you for fish and or coins and you are at the beginning of the runes quest, you must wait, there is no way around waiting for either the daily rotation to come around, or that 1d12h timer to end to get to Exploration.
Some duties do work to get you where you need like “spend exploration energy”, “win battles with so-and-so color dragon”, these will bring you past that time wall, letting you actually obtain resources. Here is an example of this button:
(btw This is the same strategy to be able to choose to hatch more eggs even if you have some that are ready, only if you have the “hatch eggs” duty, you can just click the “go” button next to duties and hatch some up without having to collect what is available or you can choose which color you want to collect first.)
So the benefits of ending the Exploration mode are: #1 you can get way more resources than before beating the game, the stipulation is depending on the area you are in it will differ how many resources you get. #2 you can also get semi daily tokens, I’ll report back to say if you can get premium ones or not. And this is really dependant on if you get the right duties to skip the timer, because if you can’t, you can only get a very pitiful 2 tokens every 3 days. They are usually more expensive in energy than the monthly basic bout quests that give you a token, but if you are stocking up because you are low, I think it is worthwhile.
The negatives are #1 a very long timer locking you out of an important part of gameplay #2 some visual errors involving the dragons page and the amount of drafts available that will hopefully be fixed.
Please Ludia, fix these visual bugs and either remove the timer or put the autoplay repeatables in a better area, so that we don’t need to rely on go button weirdness just to complete duties.


Well written.

Maybe the staff can answer to when they Will fix the bug on not seeing number of draft cards? Because this is really annoying…