Finally got here!


Took me some time but here I am :sunglasses:

(Also 32 Dino that can be evolved, sad…I could get easy lvl 9… :frowning:)


Welcome! Enjoy your stay :stuck_out_tongue: if I meet you in battle, I promise not to bit too hard… Gratz!


Well done… See you in battle :slight_smile:


We well see ahahah, for now I didn’t find too many bots


Don’t wait more than 10 seconds for a match. If wait lasts longer, just cancel it. That way you avoid the bots :smiley:


Tbh some bots are less annoying then normal players lol, I don’t want to face 2/3 raptors per fight, I just battle whatever I match up against


That’s awesome, got same lvl but stuck 2500 :trophy:,


But level 25 bots… how do you deal with that, even if they use dumb moves.


Well I lose against really strong bots, but the other are kinda fine