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Finally got him ... now very close to have full collection again

Finally I created him 2 days ago (couldn’t come online to post earlier) and since then I darted 5x turtles … really getting lucky …

And my last missing Dino is 140/200 and only need Nasuto to complete (but my alliance only have 2x of them shared in sanctuaries) :frowning:


Congrats. wish i could find more turtles. only saw one. sanctuaries are all i have to level it.

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Yes they are hit and miss (from finding point of view); though very easy to dart … 240+ is my average on them.

I have found 1 turtle by now, one! I mean, how?? :smile:

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Spend hours and hours in different parks around city … you will find them … I had 2x more till now today :slight_smile:

Sweet - that’s the last one I need; I have the Nasuto/Carbo hybrid - Carbo is now L17, half way to L18 - with the rumoured Carbo event next week that should be enough to do it.

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Sweet, I just completed my collection … will be posting screen shot soon


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Rumour confirmed!

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