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Finally got Indoraptor (my first unique), please suggest my team


Hi again,

Finally I got Indoraptor to level 22. And took my Monomimus to level 20 … Please guide me with the team setup. I am hovering in 4100 to 4300 arena … and seems like 4150 around is my max currently :frowning:

I can evolve Megalosuchus and others if needed and can add 1 to 2 level on them easily.

My current issue is: I like to have a tank buster in team (Tryontrix) but level 18 don not cut it. I seems like feel uncomfortable as soon as I see that my Tryostronix is last dino when enemy still have good one.

I really want to see if I can have Megalosuchus or other option from my roster in my team? I can evolve few of pending evolve few levels if needed.



And trytronix is level 18 now too (found Baryonyx today)


Please suggest me. Thanks


Utahsino, Pyrri, Alankylo.

You can drop 1~2 of these hybrids, and put I-raptor in your deck.
Alankylo is because get into arena 9 will be difficult, that means really difficult to keep level up it.
You don’t get any shield breaker, and 2 raptor types (Utahsino + Pyrri) are too much IMO.

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Thanks, Pyrritator out for him then.

What about Trytronix? I really feels need for tank buster Dino.


Any further suggestions from other fellow players?


Depends on your style. I personally would go for Indo and Tryo instead of 2 out of Pyrri/Utahsino/Mono/Alankylo.
I’m in a similar rank and position as you tho, just short of creating Indo.


Thanks, I did put Indoraptor in place of pyrritator (I somehow love Utahsino instant-charge, which let me won few good battles).

I will try replacing Alankylo with Tryotronix and see how it goes. Thanks


How did you find gigaspika?


Its a hybrid. And made from quite common material. I can’t remember; but I know that it was easy for me.


I would replace Alakylo with Indoraptor, Pyrritator is just too good to take off your team. (But don’t listen to me, currently at 4,200 and not doing too well).

Congrats on getting Indoraptor! He is awesome :smiley:

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Yes, Pyrritator is good but I want to have a tank buster in team too so I replaced pyrritator with trytonix.

And as I mentioned I better feel good with uthasinoraptor in team than pyrritator just because of his instant-charge which you can do every other turn.

Haven’t tried this new team setup in arena yet.


Let us know how it goes! I was considering putting Tryo on my team, but she’s only level 16 and may not do so well. But I’m still trying out different combinations. Overall my team looks a lot like yours. GL!

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I meant how did it do in battle before yoh replaced her xD


I replaced him as I had other good tank options and on top Stegodeus, Monosteceratops, Trago, so can’t afford feeding him Nodo DNA rather than to Stegodeus.

He was not really bad though.


Are people just lost 7x fights now … 200+ trophies.

Are people that mad to have level 22+ T-Rex etc?


It could of been a bot. You can tell sometimes by its move choice


True, but another time fight didn’t load but I lost, too bad.

I as such never had this issue. And now suddenly a lot. 4320 trophies to 4100 now


Lower Arena 8 is brutal right now, I suspect it’s because a lot more people are playing and everyone wants to get at least the minimum trophies to get a prize in the current tournament (4,250). I’ll probably get that, but I’m aiming for the next level (4,500) and honestly haven’t been there yet.

Just keep trying out different dinos and also remember it takes a while to figure out how to best use your Indoraptor.


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I just updated my team and comment/issue in first post.

Can you guys please suggest me according to what I have now and my question?

Thanks in advance