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Finally got it


Finally got my indo Rex! Not for sure what I should swap it in for though. I was thinking suchotator but I like the bleed. Thought?


Personally, Id swap it with the Pyroraptor


Swap for velociraptor


Level up your stuff to


Swap with Pyro :grinning:

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I’m in agreement with everybody else on the Pyro. Second choice would be the raptor but I’ll admit I’ve been caught off guard by a player with a raptor at the end of a battle when there was nothing I could do to beat the Speed race.

Since Suchotator’s bleed is not based on its damage output and having a nullify attack makes it a good dinosaur to have even if it’s a lower level.


I swapped it with the pyro, thanks guys:)


You should also level your allosaurus. He is a BEAST at a high level. Maybe 16-17 would work. He has beaten me in a lot of situations, so he should serve you well :slightly_smiling_face:


congrats, i spend 5 months to get indominus. :slight_smile:

i agree. swap with pyroraptor. at this level it has the same health of your velociraptor, but less speed and damage. any level 11 draco2 swap finish it.

keep suchotator, its 3-turn lethal damage forces opponent to swap or die. great even with strong dinos like tragodistis, alanqa, stegogod, etc.


You don’t think I should leave it at 15 and try getting hybrid?


Depends on how much Allo you see. You typically get way more than enough Allo, considering Sino is so rare and much needed. I wouldn’t level him up too much tho. You could also just wait to get Allosino.


As I think Miragaia is the worst dinosaur in the game I’d swap out that.

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Plus 1 knowledge
Plus 3 reputation

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