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Finally got my 15th shot


Always getting stuck at 14. But today got my 15th though I only got 14 directs. Next Target all 15 direct.

I do know lots of people have already done it. It’s just my goal.


Try apato…its the easiest to get 15 directs :wink:


Euoplocephalus is also pretty easy, along with Stegosaurus and Velociraptor.
At least I managed to hit 15 on Apato, Stego, Velo, Scolo and Euoplo


The easiest for me is dilo gen 2. I’ve got 450 at least 10 times on it


Am I missing something? Is this for a quest or…?


Getting the 15th hit on VIP and 12th hit on non VIP depends on the device. Sometime ago I got a new phone and found it’s very easy to get 15 shots on most commons and a few rares. I even got 14 hits on brachiosaurus. However, with the older phone, it was very difficult for me to even get the 14th hit sometimes even for some of the easier commons when darting.


Nice!! Majunga is slllowww so it’s super hard to get the 15…!! :+1:


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Well just got my 15th now on apato. But scores not happy 412


I can only do it on the smaller, faster ones where the target appears close together each time like Deinocheirus , Dilo G2 and Velo… got 420 on ones like Allo, Apato & Stego many times but yet to do 450… they’re just too slow.